We are now finally getting back to some semblance of normalcy in the world and I hope that you all are still practicing proper hand washing, social distancing and taking care of yourselves. I was glad when it came time to start this list again as it allowed my mind to think of other things. This month, wasn’t as super sized as last month was (last month there were 19 total games on this list) but I still found 18 games to share, of which 6 are currently or soon to be on Kickstarter.

If you missed the June Wargame Watch, you can read that here at the following link: https://theplayersaid.com/2020/06/01/wargame-watch-whats-new-upcoming-june-2020/


Black Swan Cover1. Black Swan: Europe 1939-1945 from VentoNuovo Games Now on Kickstarter

I really enjoy block wargames. Some people don’t like them, for one reason or another, but I find the Fog of War to be really tense and exciting as you just never really know what you are going against and how you will fare. Recently, I heard of a new upcoming big block wargame from VentoNuovo Games called Black Swan: Europe 1939-1945.

As the Axis Powers you have to swiftly win the war, either by a Mediterranean strategy to break the British Empire, or an all out effort to demolish the Red Army. If a Decisive Victory is unobtainable, you can still go for a Strategic or at least an Economic Victory. As the Allies, you must survive the initial onslaught and prepare for a long war of attrition before dealing a deathly blow to the Reich’s body.

Black Swan Map

We reached out to the designer Emanuele Santandrea and he was more than willing to talk about the game. You can read that interview here: https://theplayersaid.com/2020/06/08/interview-with-emanuele-santandrea-designer-of-black-swan-europe-1939-1945-from-ventonuovo-games-coming-to-kickstarter-soon/

If you are interested in Black Swan Europe 1939-1945, you can back the project on the Kickstarter page at the following link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/m41/black-swan-0

As of July 1st, the project is fully funded with $59,847 from 366 backers toward the $33,713 goal. The campaign will end on Tuesday, July 7th at 9:00am EDT.

1944 Battle of the Bulge Cover2. 1944 Battle of the Bulge from Worthington Publishing Now on Kickstarter

I know you are asking yourselves that question. What question you might say? Well, do we really need another Bulge game. And I say yes, but add the caveat that it must be playable and not take the better part of a month to get through. I might have the game for you then as 1944 Battle of the Bulge is designed by a veteran scenario designer, who is taking his first plunge at full design, and it going about it in the right manner.

From the game page, we read the following:

Designed by Dan Fournie, and using concepts from Worthington’s Holdfast Series, this fast playing Bulge game will give you hours of game play.  With fewer than 50 counters per side, and 8 pages of rules, you’ll be up and playing in 15 minutes, and finishing games in 2 hours or less.

Each side gets a set number of resource points to move and have combat, each move or combat costing a resource point.  But you can do these in any order, so attack with an adjacent unit, create a hole, and then race through with another unit, which can then attack!  Then move the initial unit that attacked to create the hole…the decisions are yours!

Breakthroughs will occur, having the right units in position to exploit your opportunities is critical.  The Germans start with more resource points and will reduce as the game goes on, the allies on the other hand start with fewer and go up as the game goes on, reflecting the historical situation.

1944 Battle of the Bulge Map

We recently published an interview with the designer Dan Fournie and you can read that at the following link: https://theplayersaid.com/2020/06/24/interview-with-dan-fournie-designer-of-1944-battle-of-the-bulge-from-worthington-publishing-coming-to-kickstarter-soon/

If you are interested in 1944 Battle of the Bulge from Worthington Publishing you can back the project on the Kickstarter page at the following link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1040417273/960570314?ref=9lmtu1&token=f34e26a1

As of July 1st, the project is funded with $16,311 from 206 backers toward the $2,500 goal. The campaign will end on Saturday, July 11th at 4:00pm EDT.

The World at War Europe3. The World at War: Europe from Headquarter Games/Wisdom Owl Now on Kickstarter

We were contacted by the designer Gonzalo Santacruz about a year ago regarding this game and put together an interview that dives into some of the thought behind the design and frankly this one looks really interesting.

You can read that interview here: https://theplayersaid.com/2020/06/12/interview-with-gonzalo-santcruz-designer-of-the-rold-at-war-europe-on-kickstarter-now/

Here is a look at the basis for the game, as well as reasoning behind what is different about this game from other WWII focused games, as found on the Kickstarter page.

The World at War Europe Description

One of the elements that I found interesting was the focus on technology development. A major country technology can be improved with the Technology Improvement action. Each major country has its technology improvements available on the country card as shown below. All the improvements require a specific industry level, the expenditure of an action and the required raw materials specified in each improvement with a red circle and a number followed by “RM”. Each country has different available advances to improve their technologies or armies. The technology level will be represented by individual advances or groups in the major country card. Each technology advance allows the nation some benefits regarding troop quality, air fleets technology, advanced
weapons or even the atomic bomb.

The World at War Europe Player Board

There also is a focus on logistics, shipping and resources which I find very interesting. The game also comes with 5 different scenarios and looks really playable. Frankly, I am very interested.

If you are interested in The World at War: Europe, you can back the project on the Kickstarter page at the following link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/headquartergames/the-world-at-war-europe?ref=nav_search&result=project&term=the%20world%20at%20war

As of July 1st, the project is funded with $15,635 from 216 backers toward the $15,171 goal. The campaign will end on Wednesday, July 1st at 12:59pm EDT.

In Magnificent Style Cover4. In Magnificent Style Pickett’s Charge at Gettysburg Deluxe Edition from Worthington Publishing Coming to Kickstarter Soon

Worthington Publishing recently signed on Hermann Luttmann and his famous solitaire experience In Magnificent Style and plan to launch a Kickstarter in late July for a deluxe version of the game with a mounted map board, custom dice, updated counters and all rules appearing on the board.

If you don’t know, In Magnificent Style is one of those White Whale games that everyone talks about but it is bit hard to find now as it is out of print.

From the game page on Board Game Geek, we read the following:

In Magnificent Style is a solitaire game depicting the final desperate Confederate attack on 3 July 1863 at the Battle of Gettysburg, popularly known as Pickett’s Charge. As General Longstreet, you must decide how quickly to press your troops across this deadly open ground before allowing the men to regroup for another bound. But time is not on your side, and the longer your stalwart soldiers remain in this maelstrom of enemy fire.. the more dangerous it becomes, and the less likely they will arrive with the verve and numbers required to carry the day.

I have reached out to Hermann for an interview on the game and we should have that published about the 2nd week of July to give you an idea about what is changing with the design as several rules are being fine tuned. I will also update this entry once I have information about the Kickstarter launch date and a link to the Kickstarter page.

Against the Odds Magazine Kickstarter5. Against the Odds Magazine with Pack-in Game Buffalo Wings: WWII Tactical Air Combat Over Finland Coming to Kickstarter Soon

Here is the entirety of a news item that I received in an email from Against the Odds Magazine last week.

A quick newsgram to pre-announce our first Kickstarter project begins July 1st, 2020, plus a reminder about the fabulous special offer still on during this month of June only.

One of our most popular games– if how quickly it sold out completely is a good mark– was ATO issue #29, “Buffalo Wings.”

The issue covers the “Winter Wars” between Finland and the USSR, sometimes independent and then as part of WW2. The title comes from a plane — the Brewster Buffalo– which was woefully unsuccessful when used by US and British forces, but which the Finns adapted into a very successful fighter (which they nicknamed the “Sky Pearl.” Yeah, they liked it a lot!)

Buffalo Wings was also popular because it served as an ‘intro’ game to the entire “Fighting Wings” series– games from J.D. Webster that are among the most popular air battle boardgames of all time.

Though presented as an ‘easy intro’ to the series, the cards and materials are fully compatible with the entire Fighting Wings series, so if folks want to get deeper and into more complexity, they can still use everything they get in Buffalo Wings.

Most of the magazine portion will be kept just like the original–the articles certainly– but there will be a number of changes to the GAME portion.

First, some editing to the rules to cover any errata and, even better, to include streamlining and improvements that the designer has pulled into the system as the game evolved over the years. Plus the components have been upgraded to physically mate with Clash of Arms’ Wings of the Motherland game.

Check out the banner ad on the front page of the ATO website starting July 1 to learn about how to participate in this Kickstarter effort.

It looks like they accidentally published the Kickstarter page early this past weekend, so you can check it out now.

If you are interested in Buffalo Wings in Against the Odds Magazine you can back the project on the Kickstarter page at the following link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/407372518/buffalo-wings-2-the-deluxe-reprint?ref=3ckxqy

As of July 1st, the project is funded with $11,181 from 212 backers toward the $5,000 goal. The campaign will end on Friday, July 31st at 3:30pm EDT.


6. Battles Magazine #14 with Pack-in Game Storm Over Madrid 1936: Miracle of November from Kamchatka Publishing

Another issue of Battles Magazine is ready to hit the streets. If you don’t get a copy fast, they will sell out very soon. In this issues is the full game Storm Over Madrid 1936 Miracle of November.

From the game page, we read the following:

Storm Over Madrid simulates the fighting that took place during the attempt to capture of Madrid, that lasted between October 1936 and January 1937 during the course of the Spanish Civil War. A long and bloody siege affair.

Storm Over Madrid uses a modified version of the well-known area-impulse system. The modifications to the original system are many and carefully considered. Besides a new morale points system that highlights the intrinsic fragility of the Republican side, support points that oblige players to plan ahead and event chits, our combat system has several new concepts: defensive fire and counter-attacks, automatic losses depending on the intensity of the battle… Attacks are never free and the actual decision to attack must be thought through carefully.

One game turn represents a week and the game runs from 9 October 1936 to 21 January 1937 (15 turns). 2 short scenarios and a campaign game allow you to play the battle from start to finish, with each scenario requiring a different style of play.
Units are for the most part battalion strength. The Nationalists have the (Spanish) Legion and Moroccan troops, while on the Republican side there are anarchists, communists and the International Brigades.

Storm Over Madrid

If you are interested in Battles Magazine #14 and the pack-in game Storm Over Madrid 1936: Miracle of November you can order a copy from the following link: https://www.battlesmagazine.com/eshop/index.php

Salerno 43 Banner 1

7. Salerno ’43 from GMT Games

We have really enjoyed our experiences with Mark Simonitch WWII games over the past couple of years with games like Holland ’44 and last year’s Stalingrad ’42. The system he uses is just really special and works very well for these big operational games to keep the game play interesting yet fairly fast moving and understandable. Now Mark takes his talents and system to the Italian Peninsula for one of the titular battles for the drive on Rome. It appears that Salerno ’43 uses the exact same map, unit, and time scales as Normandy ’44, but uses a modified Normandy ’44 game system. With a smaller size, only one map, the game is easier to learn and play than its predecessor.

From the game page, we read the following:

Salerno ‘43 is a regiment/brigade-level game on the Allied invasion of mainland Italy in September 1943. Two British and two American divisions land in the Bay of Salerno defended by the full strength 16th Panzer Division, which is soon reinforced by five other German mechanized divisions. For 8 days the survival of the beachhead is in doubt, and emergency measures are taken to reinforce the beachhead with the 82nd Airborne Division. With their counter-attack stopped and the British Eighth Army approaching from the south, the Germans withdraw their left flank to avoid being trapped. However, their right flank stubbornly holds back the British from pushing north to Naples.


The game includes two scenarios: an 8-turn Invasion Scenario and a 24-turn Campaign Game. In the Campaign Game, the Allies must exit the north map edge by the end of September 1943. The Germans must delay the Allies to give time for the construction of the Gustav Line further north. The 8-turn scenario can be finished in an afternoon.

The other really interesting thing noted on the game page is that this is the first game in a planned 3 game series that takes a look at the US 5th Army and their drive to Cassino (Italy ’43 The Gustav Line) and onto Rome (Italy ’44).

If you are interested in Salerno ’43, you can pre-order a copy for $28.00 from the GMT Games website at the following link: https://www.gmtgames.com/p-868-salerno-43.aspx

Drop Zone Southern France Banner 1

8. Drop Zone: Southern France from GMT Games

Recently I interviewed a new designer named Dan Fournie for his first publication on the Battle of the Bulge called 1944 Battle of the Bulge coming to Kickstarter soon from Worthington Publishing. Dan is far from a rookie designer though as he has designed many scenarios for existing games such as Great Battles of HistoryC&C: AncientsPax Romana and SPQR. He now brings his second game to the table in Drop Zone: Southern France. The game is a block wargame covering the Allied airborne assault in southern France called Operation Dragoon.

From the game page, we read the following:

Drop Zone: Southern France is a fast-playing (about 2 hours), company-level block game of the Allied airborne assault (code-named Operation RUGBY) that spearheaded Operation DRAGOON, the Invasion of Southern France—the Second D-Day, August 15th, 1944. Early on the morning of D-Day, the allied First Airborne Task Force (1st ABTF) parachuted a dozen miles behind the Riviera landing beaches to seize key towns and road junctions, to prevent the German occupation forces from counter-attacking the amphibious landing, and to facilitate the advance of Allied forces. The 4:00 AM parachute drop was badly scattered due to an unexpected dense fog bank that blanketed the battlefield. Drop Zone: Southern France covers the first two days of this airborne operation in six tense turns, when the American and British paratroopers and glider-men fought surrounded and alone, supported only by French resistance bands.

One of the things that I really enjoy about block wargames is the Fog of War and the uncertainty about the strength of units that you are facing. This creates a good amount of tension and causes you to sometimes just take chances and launch into combat.

Drop Zone: Southern France shines in its depiction of the fog of war (both literal and figurative)–blocks conceal unit type and strength. On the first day, Allied parachute companies begin scattered across the board with minimal strength. German reinforcements arrive in a random fashion, often surprising and disrupting the plans of the opponent as well as the controlling player. The correlation of forces ebbs and flows as the Allies gradually build up their parachute companies and gliders deliver reinforcements and heavy weapons. Meanwhile, German reinforcements steadily increase in quantity and quality. The chit pull activation system adds another level of uncertainty. By D+1, the second day, both sides have gained in strength and acquire more powerful assets, leading to larger, bloodier battles as time runs out to achieve victory. It often comes down to the final roll of the dice.
If you are interested in Drop Zone: Southern France, you can pre-order a copy for $38.00 from the GMT Games website at the following link: https://www.gmtgames.com/p-867-drop-zone-southern-france.aspx

CC Mediterranean 3rd Printing P500

9.Combat Commander Mediterranean 3rd Printing from GMT Games

You know how I feel about Combat Commander. It is a supreme tactical World War II experience and every gamer should have the experience of playing it with its sweaty handed tension as you await your perfect card combination to unleash your attack on those unsuspecting enemies approaching the objectives. I have played both Europe and Mediterranean and have enjoyed both of them.

So if you have Europe why would you need Mediterranean? The easy answer is it is simply more CC goodness, but there is more to it than that. With Mediterranean you get to add in the British, French and Italians to the mix. You also get 12 new scenarios and we all know you can’t ever have enough.

Here is my preview/review of Combat Commander: Mediterranean (posted early on in our blog career): https://theplayersaid.com/2016/07/27/a-preview-of-combat-commander-mediterranean-by-gmt-games-which-is-not-an-expansion/

Here also are links to a few AAR’s that I wrote up after playing several scenarios:

AAR for Scenario #13 Tussle at Maleme – “Run away to fight another day!”

AAR for Scenario #14 At the Crossroads – “The race is not to the swift nor the strong!”

If you are interested in Combat Commander: Mediterranean 3rd Printing, you can pre-order a copy for $59.00 from the GMT Games website at the following link: https://www.gmtgames.com/p-869-combat-commander-mediterranean-3rd-printing.aspx

Air Leader Kickstarter DVG Cover Pic10. Air Leader Expansion Series Kickstarter from Dan Verssen Games

I know that the Leader Series is a pretty popular system of solitaire games and we have played several and really enjoyed them, with volumes such as Phantom Leader, Thunderbolt Apache Leader, Sherman Leader, Corsair Leader and Gato Leader. With their popularity, there is a bit of demand for some of these games and for some new content and this month DVG offered the Air Leader Series Expansion Kickstarter which includes new content for Israeli Air Force Leader, Phantom Leader, Hornet Leader and B-17 Flying Fortress Leader. The good thing about this campaign is that it is not just new content but you can get these games for a very reasonable price.

From the Kickstarter page, we read the following:

This Kickstarter includes 4 Air Leader game expansions! You can pledge for any of the 4 products, and/or add any of the 4 to your pledge as Add-Ons.

Phantom Deluxe, Israeli, and Hornet will each  contain NEW Campaigns, Aircraft, Skills, Skill Sheet, Events, Alternate Target Cards, and a Rulesheet on how to use them!

Alternate Targets adds a huge amount of replay-ability to Campaigns! Each Expansion offers an Alternate Target for every Target in their Core game. These represents attacking the Target on a different day or under different circumstances.

For example, Israeli Air Force Leader’s Core game Target #1 “Small Convoy” has some Site coverage, is Soft, and Dispersed while offering you a positive bump on the INFRA track. The Expansion’s Alternate “Small Convoy” does not benefit from any Site coverage however has additional Bandits flying CAS. It also is a Scramble Target meaning the Convoy is priority #1 while also offering -2 Stress after flying. Finally, instead of the INFRA bump, you now instead gain a RECON bump as well as being able to assign 2 additional Pilots to the Mission.

If you are interested in Air Leader Series Expansion Kickstarter you can order a copy from the Kickstarter page at the following link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/danverssengames/dvg-air-leader-expansions

As of July 1st, the project is fully funded with $37,385 from 504 backers toward the $10,000 goal. The campaign will end on Wednesday, July 15th at 3:00pm EDT.

Heroes Road to Stalingrad LnL Tactical Cover11. Lock ‘n Tactical: Heroes Road to Stalingrad from Lock ‘n Load Publishing

We have had a good experience with several of these Lock ‘n Load Tactical Series games including Heroes of the Pacific, Heroes of Normandy and Heroes of the Falklands.

From the announcement on Facebook, we read the following:

On June 28th, 1942 the German High Command launched its summer offensive (Case Blue) against the southern lines of the Soviet Union. 2 Army Groups of 10 Armies-nearly 35 Divisions and 2 full Air Corps, were unleashed against the Soviet lines. It involved a two-pronged attack. One along the Axis right flank driving to the Caucasus and the vital oil fields of Baku, and the other against the left flank in the direction of Stalingrad and the Volga River. The battle would rage for 2 months over several hundred square kilometers that would take the German Army to the gates of Stalingrad itself.

Heroes Road to Stalingrad is a module for the Lock ‘n Load Tactical series. It features a fluid, impulse-based turns, squad-level, and individual heroics, plus lots of armor and special rules to bring the fight for the southern steppes of Russia to life. German Landser, Mechanized, and Armored formations clash with Soviet Line, Guards, and NKVD Divisions. New units never before seen in the Lock ‘n Load Tactical series are introduced. The German Pz IV F and G along with the Marder II and StuG IIIF join the battlefield as well as the Soviet Tachanka MG wagon, NKVD troops, and the IL2 Sturmovik. We also introduce a new leader type-the Incompetent Leader. The scenarios range from the city of Voronezh and through Rostov, as far south as the Caucasus Mountains. Into the footsteps of the Silk Road at Khulkhuta, up and into the outskirts of Stalingrad itself.

It appears that you can log in and pre-order a copy on the Lock ‘n Load Publishing website and the prices is set at $90.00.

New Release

A Matter of Honor Cover1. A Matter of Honor The Battle of Le Bourget – October 30, 1870 from Tiny Battle Publishing

Tiny Battle Publishing is putting out some really interesting battles on very interesting and somewhat obscure conflicts. Their newest offering focuses on the Franco-Prussian War.

From the game page we read the following:

Long before it became the site of Charles Lindbergh’s landing after his first air crossing of the Atlantic Ocean and later of a renowned international Airshow, the town of Le Bourget, on the outskirts of Paris, was the scene of a bloody battle between the French Army and the Prussian forces besieging Paris in October 1870, during the Franco-Prussian War.

A Matter of Honor is an action-packed two-player tactical board game using a simple but effective area impulse activation system. The game captures the dramatic intensity of the Battle of Le Bourget and its desperate house to house fighting. Added chromes include random event cards featuring historical events players may use to influence the outcome of the battle. Units are companies of elite Prussian Guards, facing determined French Regulars and National Guardsmen in a fight to the finish and for a matter of honor.

A Matter of Honor Map with Counters

If you are interested in A Matter of Honor The Battle of Le Bourget – October 30, 1870 you can order a copy for $35.00 from the Tiny Battle Publishing website at the following link: https://tinybattlepublishing.com/products/a-matter-of-honor1

The Claws of the Tiger Cover2. Claws of the Tiger: The Japanese Invasion of Malaya 1941-1942 from White Dog Games

If you follow our videos and reviews, you know that we have an interest in WWII Pacific Theater wargames. I also recently have discovered White Dog Games and have played two of their games (Solitaire Caesar and Don’t Tread on Me!) and have ordered Reconquista. Their newest offering covers the Japanese invasion of Malaya in 1941 and looks really interesting. It is a 2-player game and from the game page we read the following:

Claws of the Tiger: The Japanese Invasion of Malaya 1941-1942 is a 2-player, beer-and-pretzels game based on the December 1941 Japanese invasion of Malaya. One player controls the forces of Imperial Japan; the other plays those of the British Commonwealth.

The game reflects the advantages enjoyed by the Japanese during the invasion in terms of command and control, equipment and training, and air superiority. Perhaps the primary reason for the so-called “worst disaster” in British military history, however, was the contrast between the effective and efficient strategic and tactical decisions taken by the Japanese high command and the ill-advised choices made by their British counterparts. The latter were simply unprepared for “modern” warfare.

In the game such decisions are the preserve of players who are likely to be better matched and, of course, under far less duress than the historical commanders. It is for this reason that the Victory Conditions are set so that the Japanese can win the game even if they do not replicate their historical achievement of capturing Singapore in 70 days.

Claws of the Tiger Map

The game does offer a solo system but doesn’t mention much about it. I do see that there are counters on the counter sheet for the solo variant.

If you are interested in Claws of the Tiger: The Japanese Invasion of Malaya 1941-1942, you can order a folio copy for $41.00 (boxed will cost you $49.00) from the White Dog Games website at the following link: http://www.whitedoggames.com/malaya-1941

Dinosaur Table Battles Cover3. Dinosaur Table Battles from Hollandspiele

This next one is probably not a wargame, but it does have giant prehistoric dinosaurs battling it out using the established Table Battles System so I am going to include it on the list.

From the game page, we read the following:

This is a game about dinosaurs fighting each other for some reason. Well, I know the reason: the reason is that Mary said she wanted a “dinosaur version” of Table Battles, and she reminded Tom about it maybe once or twice, and so he made it.

Witty as always is Tom “Brontosaurus” Russell. All kidding aside, the game looks very interesting as it changes up the Table Battle System slightly as we can read further from the game page:

Like the original Table Battles game – which apparently is going to be called Human Table Battles from now on – players roll dice and then assign them to cards representing their fighting forces. Removing the dice will trigger an Attack, but that Attack might be Reacted to – Absorbed, Blocked, or Countered – if the opposing player removes dice from a card with a Reaction. The trick is, if you can React, you must React, and if you do React, you don’t get to Attack on your next turn. Mastering tempo is key to your success.

The thing about this game though is that it has dinosaurs, and dinosaurs are pretty big guys and gals. So big, in fact, that each dino spans two or three cards, giving them an assortment of Attacks, Reactions, and rule-breaking Passive Abilities. Players will draft a team of dinosaurs, creating unique synergies to be exploited and disadvantages to be mitigated. There are over 900,000 different matches possible, and while that might not be enough to keep you occupied for 200 million years, it’s probably close enough.

Dinosaur Table Battles T-Rex Cards

I know that this one isn’t your traditional Word War II setting, but it is a historic game…at least prehistoric, and the system is very well regarded. Anyways, the game really looks interesting and I am definitely ready to give it a go.

If you are interested in Dinosaur Table Battles, you can order a copy for $35.00 from the Hollandspiele website at the following link: https://hollandspiele.com/products/dinosaur-table-battles

FITNA Cover4. Fitna – The Global War in the Middle East from Nuts! Publishing

I have been tracking this game for the past two years and am very intrigued by a multi-faction approach to this global conflict in the Middle East. You have all the world’s players represented in this game including the US, Russia, ISIS, Turkey and Israel.

From the game page we read the following:

Fitna: The Global War in the Middle East is a two- to six-player grand strategic level card-driven wargame depicting the military confrontations in the Middle East since 2012, up to the near future. Among 10 historical and hypothetical scenarios, players can simulate the war against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the Kurdish Rebellion, the Sunni versus Shia confrontation as well as Russian, Turkish, Israeli and Western intervention in the region. ISIS troops are activated through Event cards.

The game uses the same basic game system as Bloody Dawn: the Iran-Iraq War designed by Pierre Razoux and published by High Flying Dice Games. Fitna — meaning “schism” in Arabic — includes many new rules, assets and events characteristic of current wars in this region. An International Tension track simulates the growing tension leading to the arrival of extra reinforcements and the massive military intervention of the United States of America.

We published an interview with the designer Pierre Razoux a few years ago and you can read that at the following link: https://theplayersaid.com/2018/08/06/interview-with-pierre-razoux-designer-of-fitna-the-global-war-in-the-middle-east-2013-from-nuts-publishing/

If you are interested in Fitna: The Global War in the Middle East you can order a copy for $70.00 from the Nuts! Publishing website at the following link: https://www.nutspublishing.com/eshop/fitna-fr

IS_Box Top_f_CS6_24FEB205. Imperial Struggle: The Global Rivalry – Britain & France 1697-1789 from GMT Games

As you know this game was of immediate interest to me when announced a few years ago as we love Twilight Struggle and it’s back and forth card driven tug of war. It has now finally reached the finish line and is currently shipping. The game overall garnered 4,863 pre-orders on the P500 so there is a fair bit of hype surrounding this title.

From the game page, we read the following:

Imperial Struggle is a two-player game depicting the 18th-century rivalry between France and Britain. It begins in 1697, as the two realms wait warily for the King of Spain to name an heir, and ends in 1789, when a new order brought down the Bastille. The game is not merely about war: both France and Britain must build the foundations of colonial wealth, deal with the other nations of Europe, and compete for glory across the span of human endeavor.

Imperial Struggle covers almost 100 years of history and four major wars. Yet it remains a quick-playing, low-complexity game. It aims to honor its spiritual ancestor, Twilight Struggle, by pushing further in the direction of simple rules and playable systems, while maintaining global scope and historical sweep in the scope of a single evening. In peace turns, players build their economic interests and alliances, and take advantage of historical events represented by Event cards. They must choose their investments wisely, but also with an eye to denying these opportunities to their opponent. In war turns, each theater can bring great rewards of conquest and prestige… but territorial gains can disappear at the treaty table.

If you are interested in Imperial Struggle you can order a copy for $59.00 from the GMT Games website at the following link: https://www.gmtgames.com/p-599-imperial-struggle.aspx

YAAH Magazine Rattenkreig6. YAAH! Magazine Issue No. 14 with Pack-in Game Rattenkreig! from Flying Pig Games

It is time for another issue of YAAH! Magazine from Flying Pig Games and this issue has a full solitaire game in it called Rattenkreig! designed by Gottardo Zancani.

From the web page we read the following:

This issue comes with a spiffy new, man-to-man solitaire game from one of the best solitaire designers in the industry, Gottardo Zancani. Titled Rattenkreig!, the game simulates up close and personal combat in Stalingrad, circa 1942. Rattenkreig! features a robust AI bot, and an innovative way, based on the actual size of the counter, to calculate to where a unit may move.

But that is not it by a long shot. The magazine also offers a complete The Devil’s to Pay expansion with new counters where you can find out what would have happened if either or both sides had additional troops the first day of Gettysburg. The magazine also includes a new solitaire scenario for ’65 Squad Battles, another for Old School Tactical Vol 2, and an Armageddon War scenario to boot.

If you are interested in YAAH! Magazine Issue No. 14 and it’s pack-in game Rattenkreig! you can order a copy for $40.00 from the Flying Pig Games website at the following link: https://flyingpiggames.com/products/yaah-magazine-issue-141

Brotherhood & Unity Cover7. Brotherhood & Unity: War in Bosnia and Herzegovina 1992-1995 from Compass Games

This game first was originally announced by Compass Games as a pre-order in July 2018. Since that initial announcement, they have decided to go the route of a Kickstarter and it was fully funded and is now ready to ship.

From the game page, we read the following:

Brotherhood & Unity: War in Bosnia and Herzegovina 1992-1995 is a 2-3 player card driven wargame which depicts the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1992-1995 (“Bosnian War”). The game shows all of the major events: from the siege of Sarajevo (shown in a separate, detailed map), to the ferocious battles for the Posavina corridor, and desperate defence of the Bosniak enclaves. Main features are: Point-To-Point movement system, play driven by Strategy Cards, quick combat resolution (no CRT), streamlined rules and fast gameplay. Interaction between warring sides (Bosniaks, Serbs and Croats) creates an intensive and exciting gameplay experience.

The map looks really interesting as well and is very well done. I really enjoy CDG’s and have played many in my gaming experience. Each player gets a deck of Strategy Cards, simulating a variety of historical events.

From the game page we read the following:

The player starts an action round by playing a Strategy Card from his hand. A card can be played as an event (Combat Card, Offensive, Interrupt, Foreign Units and Other) or as one of the game actions (Movement, Attack, Strategic Redeployment, Diplomatic Action or Reinforcement). The events and card values have been carefully created to mimic the historical events and choices. Since each game uses only a part of the available card deck, players can’t be certain which cards will be drawn during the game. That creates a “card fog-of-war” and makes the game more replayable.


Player’s military strength fluctuates based on historical facts, with Serbs starting superior in all aspects, and Bosniaks struggling to organize an effective fighting formation. Military units represent Brigades – standard military formations of the time, ranging from 1,500-2,000 soldiers. They have different combat and movement values (based on historical data), which forces players to use different tactics for different opponents. Majority of these units are non-motorized infantry formations (moving only several spaces per round), but with the use of special offensive cards players can increase their mobility and surprise the opponents.

If you are interested in Brotherhood & Unity: War in Bosnia and Herzegovina 1992-1995, you can order a copy for $56.00 from the Compass Games website at the following link: https://www.compassgames.com/brotherhood-unity.html


Thanks as always for tuning in and reading through this gargantuan list of awesome wargames. I search high and low, far and wide to find these games and I inevitably miss a few so if you know of any upcoming or new pre-order games out there, please let me know so I can look into them.