On the 6th day of Christmas Gaming my true love gave to me….

6 Vikings a Plundering…..

This was a little hard to get because in Explorers of the North Sea by Garphill Games, you start with 7 Vikings.  Luckily for me one was killed while raiding a boat and so I was left with 6 Vikings to continue the game.  Those Vikings put up a solid Valhallian effort.  Explorers is a fantastic tile placement exploration game where you pillage the islands in the area!  In this two player game, Jen (my wife) was mowing down settlements like crazy, while I focused on gathering different types of livestock!  In the end, she edged me out by 5 points for the win.  I really like the mesh of mechanisms in this game.  Turns are quick and it looks great on the table when things are all said and done.  Garphill Games really excel at making games that are quick but deep with interaction and strategy.  I think, Raiders of the North Sea is my favorite of the Trilogy but Explorers is a very close second.  If you ever get a chance to play these I strongly recommend it.

North Sea Trilogy

  • Tim

5 Gold Ingots!

4 Black Angus Cattle

3 Komodo Dragons

2 Dragon Riders

and A Giga Zaur in Tokyo City