On the 12th day of Christmas Gaming my true love gave to me….

12 Tasks a Completing…

We were excited to play one of the new games by designer Stefan Feld called The Oracle of Delphi.  In this game, each player needs to complete 12 tasks given them by Zeus and then return to Zeus and let him know you have finished.  This game is much different from Feld’s other games which focus on points and tons of them.  This game is strictly a race.  Who ever gets their tasks done first wins the game.  To start the game we all got a special power for our boat.  Jenny’s boat was better at sailing so she got to move an extra 2 spots when sailing.  Grant got a bonus favor token when getting at lease one favor token.  I was able to get rid of one of my tasks only needing 11 to finish instead of 12.  In the end I was able to get the job done and make it back to Zeus for the win.  I was really impressed with how much I liked this game, much more than expected.  It might make a run at my 2nd favorite Feld of all time…..The Castles of Burgundy being one of course.

The Oracle of Delphi

  • Tim

11 Tracks a Laying

10 Citizens a Polluting

9 Diamonds a Glittering

8 Colossi a Fighting

7 Lords a Courting

6 Vikings a Plundering

5 Gold Ingots

4 Black Angus Cattle

3 Komodo Dragons

2 Dragon Riders

and A Giga Zaur in Tokyo City