On the 8th day of Christmas Gaming my true love gave to me…..

8 Colossi a Fighting…..

Colossal Arena came as a surprise to me and my gaming group.  This bidding game from Fantasy Flight is pretty simple at it’s heart yet plays out very fun and strategic.  There is a bit of random card draw but it still provides a lot of choices.  We started our game with 8 colossi, like you do every time.  Each round a colossal will be eliminated.  In order to win the game you need to bid early and often and hope the colossal that you put money down on finishes the fight.  In this particular game I put my secret bet on Cyclops.  My wife went with Unicorn.  She lost her secret bet but still managed to stay within two points.  I won 11 to 9.  I love how tight the points are in this game and afterward you can pin point a specific thing you did that kept you from winning or helped you to win.  The secret bet is worth the most points but you don’t want to tip your hat at who you wanted to win.  This quick, smooth yet thinky little bidding game by Reiner Knizia was a huge success with my wife and my gaming group.

Colossal Arena

  • Tim

7 Lords a Courting

6 Vikings a Plundering!

5 Gold Ingots!

4 Black Angus Cattle

3 Komodo Dragons

2 Dragon Riders

and A Giga Zaur in Tokyo City