On the 11th day of Christmas Gaming my true love gave to me….

11 Tracks a Laying

The Last Spike is a new game to our group.  I had watched a video on it and it seemed to be a solid quick train style game.  This game about shares and connecting cities designed by Tom Dalgliesh is exactly that.  In the game, each person will lay tracks on the board either next to a city or another existing track tile. So you are building these tracks together trying to connect cities. Once cities connect you will get money for how many stakes you have in those cities. This was our board after the eleventh track was laid.  Grant ended up winning with a huge stake in Denver and Yuma.  There are some really interesting decisions to be made in this game and it surprised all of us how much we liked it.  If you like train games and need a simple game that gives you tough decisions look no further than The Last Spike from Columbia Games.

The Last Spike

  • Tim

10 Citizens a Polluting

9 Diamonds a Glittering

8 Colossi a Fighting

7 Lords a Courting

6 Vikings a Plundering!

5 Gold Ingots!

4 Black Angus Cattle

3 Komodo Dragons

2 Dragon Riders

and A Giga Zaur in Tokyo City