On the 3rd day of Christmas Gaming my true love gave to me….

3 Komodo Dragons…

Inhabit the Earth is a great race game with multi-use cards one of my favorite mechanisms in games.  You play cards to create new species of animals to roam the earth and collect points along the way.  The animals can only move as far as the icons on the card allow them to.  My 3 Komodo Dragons pictured here, indicated with the 3 separate foot tracks in the top left of the card, were traversing Asia (indicated with the yellow chip on the continent icon).  The continent icons work as “wilds” but the other icons need to match perfectly.  As you can see, my Komodo Dragons were not very good at traveling. You can also change your animal to give them special abilities or bonus points at the end game scoring.  I was able to squeak out a win in this one, the only time I have won this game, due to a couple of key animals that gave me some bonus points.  Inhabit the Earth, designed by Richard Breese, doesn’t get much love, but it should.  It is a very solid game!

Inhabit the Earth

  • Tim

2 Dragon Riders

and A Giga Zaur in Tokyo City