On the 9th day of Christmas Gaming my true love gave to me….

9 Diamonds a Glittering

My wife loves social games.  She loves games where you can get a group together and just let go and have fun and laugh without the pressure of winning.  Nothing fulfilled that itch like Mafia de Cuba!  We played this at my family’s recent Christmas Party and we could not stop laughing.  In Mafia de Cuba, one person plays as the Godfather and they pass a box around that has diamonds and roles in it.  When you get the box, you simply choose to take diamonds or a role.  When the box gets back to the Godfather, he then interrogates the group to recover all his diamonds that were taken.  The laughter ensues!  It helps when you get a great group that really plays the parts well.  Being the Godfather is much harder than it seems.  The CIA agent was chosen many times.  In this particular game, my wife decided to take 9 diamonds in one round and tried to get away with it……I mean what woman can resist diamonds?  Luckily for her the Godfather picked the CIA agent and she was not caught.  This simple hidden role game, designed by Phillipe des Palieres and Loic Lamy, was an instant hit.  We must have played it eight times in a row and enjoyed it more with each successive play.

Mafia de Cuba

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5 Gold Ingots!

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