Red Flag Over Paris: 1871, The Rise and Fall of the Paris Commune covers the two months of confrontation between the Communards and the government in Versailles during the 1871 Paris Commune. Players will take control of one of these factions and fight for control over Paris. But, you will also need to win the hearts and minds of the French population, as the board is divided into two areas, including military and political, as well as being divided into several dimensions (Political Institutions, Public Opinion, Paris neighborhoods, and the forts on the outskirts of the city). The game forces players to make tough decisions like when to focus on political influence or military dominance and how to optimize limited resources.

We also published an interview with designer Fred Serval and if you are interested you can read that at the following link:

We also hosted a series of History Behind the Cards posts on the game and its Event Cards written by the designer. In case you are intersted in checking those posts out, you can catch up here by visiting the links below:

#1 – Victor Hugo

#2 – Les Cantinières

#3 – Les Amis des l’Ordre

#4 – Georges Clémenceau

#5 – Otto Von Bismarck

#6 – Louise Michel

#7 – Walery Wroblewski

#8 – Adolphe Thiers

#9 – Freemason Parade