The War of the Worlds is a solitaire board game that puts you in command of the Human forces in a desperate attempt to defend Earth against the invading Martian Tripods! While you plan and carry out the Human side of the war, the game system commands the Martian forces. The War of the Worlds is a low complexity board game for gamers, science fiction fans, and anyone who likes an easy to play game with good decision-making. Each games takes only an hour or so to play.

I had a good time with this game and have come to appreciate its simplicity but the tactical nature of the combat and the various choices that you have in preparing your desperate defense.

I wrote a series of Action Points on the blog covering the basics of the game and you can read those at the following links:

Action Point 1 – the Production Phase and take a look at the Display Board containing the various regions in England

Action Point 2 – the different units, examine the very important and tactical Battle Plans and take a look at the structure of a Battle and how the Land Battle and Naval Battle Cards drive the Tripod attacks

Action Point 3 – the Devastation Phase and take a look into the different types of attacks the Tripods will unleash on the regions

Action Point 4 – the Human Action Phase and Escape Phase

Action Point 5 – the Martian Action Phase where the Tripods will look to move, reinforce in place or build the dreaded Flying Machine and the Assembly Phase that can spawn even more Tripods to destroy your hopes