One of the really good surprise games of 2019 for me has been Undaunted: Normandy designed by David Thompson and Trevor Benjamin. The game is squad based World War II tactical deck building as you use your deck of cards to move your units on the modular board to kill the enemy and take objectives. Simple design with some really great nuance and strategy for building up and then thinning your deck to get the maximum control over the situation on the board. Definitely a game that will appear on my Top 10 List of 2019.

I also wrote a series of Action Point posts on the game describing the different aspects that make the experience so unique.

Action Point 1 – Deck Building

Action Point 2 – Unit Types

Action Point 3 – Modular Board

Action Point 4 – Strategy

We also posted a thorough interview with one of the designers David Thompson and you can read that at the following link: