We all love the bright and shiny new stuff that comes out each month and as bloggers we simply thrive on it. After a huge month of new games in October, we are ready for another good month of new and upcoming games coverage. This month I found 17 games to share with you, with 4 of those being offered on Kickstarter.

In case you missed last month’s Wargame Watch here is a link to that post: https://theplayersaid.com/2019/10/01/wargame-watch-whats-new-upcoming-october-2019/


The Shores of Tripoli New Cover1. The Shores of Tripoli from Fort Circle Games Now on Kickstarter

I have been following this one for nearly two years now and I just love the history of the game and the fact that it is card driven. From the Kickstarter page we read the following:

The Shores of Tripoli tasks one or two players to recreate this swashbuckling episode from Early American history. As the United States, you will pressure Tripolitania and her allies to allow free movement of American commerce or face the consequences. As the bashaw of Tripoli, your aim is to continue the lucrative piracy of the fearsome corsairs while also countering the American threat on land and sea.

The game plays in about an hour and really has some nice looking components, especially the map and the various ships. The game also has a solitaire mode as we read here:

Each player has a deck of cards that represent historical events and leaders from the conflict with a third deck for solitaire play.  Players play cards to move ships, start battles, go on pirate raids, engage in diplomacy and receive reinforcements.  Success or failure in battle is determined by a roll of the dice.  The American player wins by either forcing Tripolitania into signing the historical peace treaty or by capturing Tripoli itself and installing a pro-American ruler.  The Tripolitan player wins by either capturing twelve merchant vessels or sinking four American frigates.

We posted an interview on our blog with the designer Kevin Bertram and also a special post taking a look at some of the event cards.

If you are interested in The Shores of Tripoli you can order a copy on the Kickstarter page at the following link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/fortcircle/the-shores-of-tripoli?ref=bmvc7d

The Kickstarter campaign will end on Thursday, November 21st at 10:59PM CST and is currently funded with 340 backers committing $24,562 of its $15,000 goal.

1565 Kickstarter2. 1565, St. Elmo’s Pay – The Great Siege of Malta from Hall or Nothing Productions Now on Kickstarter

I saw this one on Facebook a few times over the past few weeks and it just always catches my eye as the art and graphic design is simply beautiful. The game 1565, St. Elmo’s Pay – The Great Siege of Malta is a tactical card game in the style of Magic the Gathering that focuses on the battle of the Ottoman Turks and the Knights of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem, commonly known as the Knights Hospitaller or the Order of Saint John. From the campaign page we read the following:

1565, St. Elmo’s Pay is an asymmetric, competitive, tactical card game, and successor to the award-winning 1066, Tears to Many Mothers (also available in this campaign), with which it is fully compatible. Each player, as either Ottoman Turks or Knights of St John, musters troops and resources to overcome the various obstacles in their path before the two armies clash in an epic siege over three frontiers on the tiny island of Malta: Birgu, Senglea, and the doomed fortress of Saint Elmo.

I am not a huge fan of card games but this one does look intriguing. Each round players take turns playing cards which build their armies by deploying units, characters, tactics, attachments and playing events, all based on historical figures, weapons and occurrences that shaped the eventual siege.

But whilst racing each other to deploy the best army, players must also defeat a variety of historical objectives that their respective leaders had to conquer on their way to Malta, such as raiding each other’s territories, or mustering their empire’s war machine before the perilous journey to the tiny island of Malta.

The Great Siege of Malta is fought over three frontiers of troops (as the real battle was), represented by three Frontier cards: Birgu, Senglea, and St. Elmo. Players compete for Frontiers by trying to inflict damage on each one. Careful hand management is required for victory, and the first player to claim two Frontiers wins the game!

If you are interested in a copy of 1565, St. Elmo’s Pay – The Great Siege of Malta you can order a copy from the Kickstarter page at the following link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tristanhall/1565-st-elmos-pay-the-card-game-of-war-and-history/description

The Kickstarter campaign will end on Friday, November 1st at 7:59PM EDT and is currently funded with 952 backers committing $53,523 of its $12,842 goal.

1941 Race to Moscow Cover3. 1941: Race to Moscow from PHALANX Coming to Kickstarter November 21st

We all love a good East Front game and what is always one of the major deciding factors in these games: SUPPLY! So why don’t we just play a game that is almost solely focused on supply while using some Euro based mechanics and a cool looking race track map? 1941: Race to Moscow is a follow up game to 1944: Race to the Rhine but adds some new mechanics to the tried and true design.

In 1941: Race to Moscow, you take command of one of the three German Army groups and advance towards Moscow! The game is based on the system used in 1944: Race to the Rhine, but the gameplay is much deeper. Armies are divided into armored and non-motorized, transports composed of trucks and trains. And the enemy — the Soviet army — is terribly strong.

This game is also designed for three players, but now they are not strictly separated from each other, as is the case in Race to the Rhine. Each army group: North, Center and South can win by capturing Moscow. But Army Group North can also finish the game in Leningrad, and Army Group South in Rostov.

Each player commands 3 or 4 armies, but now there is a strong division of mechanized units (panzer groups) and traditional field armies. Panzer groups are very similar to allies units, which you are familiar with from the Rhine – by discarding one unit of fuel they can move even 3 fields ahead. Field armies can move only one step ahead, unless the player orders a forceful march at the expense of an extra food token. It’s a historical fact because the majority of German units was consisting of infantry with some trucks and horses (which was slower). Panzer units were faster. Now players must carefully think about these changes because they are forced to apply completely new tactics of fighting. In Russia fights are different than in northern France.

Supplies are totally changed now. Each army base starts full (remember that Germans were very well prepared to this war). What is more, the commander of Army Group South has extra supply base in Romania. There are no restrictions in picking up supplies. You can pick up to 6 tokens, if you wish. But there are some problems later because Germans have no field supply base. Only sometimes you can use harbors on the Baltic or the Black Sea.

There are no combat rolls in the game, no CRTs, no LIMs or chits nor initiative rolls. In a very elegant, yet accurate system, the entirety of Operation Barbarossa is playable in 90 minutes with 1 to 3 and a half a player. Yep, half. That means if you have 3 seasoned players and one novice (or someone you want to convert to wargames, or maybe an offspring?), you may still find for him/her a place at the table.

I own 1944: Race to the Rhine and it is Avery unique game that is not a wargame but gives you a feel for the importance of logistics. I think this new iteration will add in some depth and I look forward to giving it a try.

The Kickstarter campaign doesn’t commence until November 21st but you can get a good look at the game by visiting the following draft Kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/phalanxgames/2062281675?ref=d8hcv6&token=788853d6

No Motherland Without Cover

4. No Motherland Without: North Korea In Crisis and Cold War from Compass Games

We played this game about 18 months ago when it was just a prototype as it was going to Kickstarter. The campaign was terminated early and was eventually picked up by Compass Games. I’m very happy for the designer Dan Bullock as this game is very good and covers a topic that not many designers are willing to tackle.

Here is a link to our preview video for that campaign (keep in mind that was a prototype and I’m sure the design has changed):

From the game page we read the following:

No Motherland Without: North Korea in Crisis and Cold War is a card-driven strategy game for two players. The game depicts the struggles of the Kim Regime against the West from 1953 to present day North Korea. In the aftermath of the Korean Armistice Agreement, the Korean peninsula divided in two. While its signature marked a cessation of armed conflict, the war was not over. In over six decades since the armistice was signed, three generations of the Kim regime resisted Chinese and Soviet control, endured famine, floods, isolation, and economic sanctions while defiantly pursuing nuclear weapons.

One player will be the DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea), seeking a nuclear deterrent to invasion, improving living standards to prevent uprising, and purging elites to prevent a coup.

The other player will be the West, maximizing pressure on the regime by obstructing the missile program to secure the region, implementing sanctions to impede the North Korean economy, aiding defectors, and further isolating the DPRK from the global community.

If you are interested in No Motherland Without, you can pre-order a copy for $42.00 from the Compass Games website at the following link: https://www.compassgames.com/preorders/no-motherland-without-north-korea-in-crisis-and-cold-war.html

5. The Battle of Armageddon from Compass Games

These type of games always interest me. A futuristic what-if style game based upon prophecy in the Bible. I just find them really interesting and what better topic to design a simulation around than the great battle to end all battles at Armageddon? The Battle of Armageddon is a 2 to 6 player game dealing with this final battle.

From the game page we read the following:

The game brings together the forces of the World into the ultimate battle for control of the Earth:

Israel: the children of the Holy Land, promised peace by the Antichrist and betrayed by the World (1 Thessalonians 5:3)

Arabs: the King of the South, including Cush (Arab Africa), Put (Black Africa), and Persia (Iran) (Daniel 11:40, Ezekiel 38:5)

Magog: from the extreme northern parts, along with Gomer and Togarmah led by Gog, chief prince of Meshech and Tubal (Ezekiel 38:1-6)

Revived Roman Empire: a European empire of 10 nations, led by the Antichrist, shall gather the armies of the World to battle (Revelation 16: 13-15)

United States: who dwell safely in the isles (Ezekiel 39: 6).

Kings of the East: an army 200 million strong (Revelation 9: 16)

In The Battle of Armageddon, players assume the roles of the leaders of these nations. Biblical names have been used to capture some of the mystery of the setting.

Six Battle Games allow 2 or 3 players to play an hour-long game. The first four cover a phase of this epic struggle: the Arab Israeli War, Magog Attacks, West Invades, and Kings of the East. The last two – End of Days and Death Match – represent truncated Campaign Games (and last longer).

A Campaign Game is provided that links all phases into a single, apocalyptic conflict, which can be played by 2 to 6 players in 2 to 4 hours.

Here is a link to a video I found on YouTube for the game that shows some components and the background with some cool dramatic music:


If you are interested in The Battle of Armageddon you can pre-order a copy for $52.00 from the Compass Games website at the following link: https://www.compassgames.com/preorders/the-battle-of-armageddon.html

bismarck_box_large6. Bismarck: The Last Battle from Compass Games

I see a game like this and I am immediately drawn in. Something different. Something new. Something that I haven’t seen many games on. Bismarck: The Last Battle looks like a very interesting experience and it is a  solitaire game. From the game page, we read the following:

Bismarck: The Last Battle is a compact, strategic-level game covering the last 5 days of operations of the most feared German battleship in WWII.
This game utilizes a unique and strategic card-driven battle system revolving around Bismarck’s operations which will provide players with a multitude of decisions & tactics.

While extremely competitive as a solitaire game, Bismarck: The Last Battle is quite addictive for the player, as every repeatable battle is a struggle to survival. The card-based battle system is a different take on the “normal” event/operations points driven systems. Separate card decks are provided for each game turn, in a total of 5 decks, including enemy units (carriers, planes, destroyers, etc.) in a 100% historical approach.

What is the goal of the game? Well, to use those massive guns to shoot your enemies!

The main target of the player is to sink enemy warships, shot down enemy bombers and try to survive after the last 5th turn, to win the game.
Player can play a full campaign or choose to play one of 5 historical scenarios included.

If you are interested in Bismarck: The Last Battle you can pre-order a copy for $54.00 from the Compass Games website at the following link: https://www.compassgames.com/preorders/bismarck-the-last-battle.html

7. Maori: Warriors of the Long White Cloud from Compass Games

New Zealand and the Maori seem to be a hot topic recently as this is the third game that I have seen on the subject. Last year, we really enjoyed our play of Maori Wars” The New Zealand Land Wars, 1845-1872 from Legion Wargames and I am also very keenly interested in this title as well.

From the game page we read the following:

Maori: Warriors of the Long White Cloud is a card-driven war game that puts you in charge of a complex society as you try to impose your will on your neighbors – using essentially stone-age technology. Players begin the game on the North Island of Aotearoa, in charge of only a single iwi (or tribe). Other players are scattered across the map, with the many intervening iwi still neutral in this power struggle. You must use your force of will to recruit neighboring iwi, using their people and resources to increase your power base. You begin with almost nothing, so you must train the population into a fighting force, build war canoes, and expand your base by building and fortifying new villages. Should you focus on building a large land force, or building fast and flexible war canoes? You decide!

We love the CDG mechanic as the card play tells a great narrative and really gives players options to take the historical events, which are usually really powerful, or use the Ops Points to take actions of their choosing.

The double deck of Action Cards determine the tempo of the game. In your turn, you play one card, either for the Event or for the Operations Points. The number of cards in your hand is determined by the number of villages you control. Ops points can be used for either building or moving. Nearly all of the cards are different, so you will never know what opportunities your opponents might have- the cards are filled with curses and omens and natural disasters. Many cards are reaction cards, allowing you to interrupt your opponents’ plans or augment your combat.

The map becomes a very important part of this game as it takes on the role of the land and either helps or hinders players as they move about the land trying to gain allies and conquer their rivals.

The map is divided into areas, each iwi encompassing one or two areas. Mountains and forests hinder your movement, but battles take place within the areas. Simply total the number of combat points each player has in the area, and the larger force adds the difference to his die roll. But then the cards fly! Ambushes, curses, haka, frightened troops and leaders – what will happen next? When the dust settles, one player must retreat – how far is determined by how badly he lost. The longer the retreat, the more likely that the defeated warriors will throw down their weapons in panic. The victor might capture some of the enemy – and then must decide whether to conscript them to help build his economy, or add them to the menu of the victory celebration back home.

It looks like a bit of chaos and uncertainty but appears to have a really well integrated theme and allows players a lot of freedom of choice in how they go about conquering the land and its people.

If you are interested in Maori: Warriors of the Long White Cloud you can pre-order a copy for $54.00 from the Compass Games website at the following link: https://www.compassgames.com/preorders/maori-warriors-of-the-long-white-cloud.html

8. Valkyrie from Dan Verssen Games Now on Kickstarter

We love miniatures games here at The Players’ Aid and skirmish games are always a favorite as they give us choice in how to move about the battlefield and use tactics to outmaneuver the opponent.

Valkyrie is a fast-paced miniatures solitaire board game played on a map. Each game takes roughly 15 minutes to setup and 1 to 2 hours to play.

You command a mix of giant Valkyries striding across the battlefield with your supporting elements of real-world military vehicles like M1 Abrams and T-80 tanks, Strykers, infantry, and more. Each nation fields its own unique mix of Valkyries and conventional vehicles.

The core game provides you with everything you need to command, or play against, the United States and Russian Federation.

The game comes with lots of really cool plastic minis and there are at least two new nations that can be unlocked through Stretch Goals including Japan and the EU.

Valkyrie Miniatures

If you are familiar with other DVG Leader Series games, there is an element of progression of pilots and increasing their skills and unlocking new skills.

Pilots have 6 skill levels, from lowest to highest, they are: Newbie, Green, Average, Skilled, Veteran, and Legendary.

Each time your Pilot enters a battle, they gain Experience Points toward promotion to the next level. With each level, they gain more skills, and become more capable tactical and strategic commanders.

If you need more information, here is a link to our preview video we shot a few weeks ago for the campaign:

If you are interested in Valkyrie, you can you can order a copy on the Kickstarter page from the following link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/danverssengames/valkyrie/description

The Kickstarter campaign will end on Wednesday, November 13th at 3:00PM EST and is nearly 50% funded with 224 backers committing $29,860 of its $75,000 goal.

9. Civil Power from Conflict Simulations Limited

If you are anything like me, I simply cannot turn away from a Brian Train designed game. I own many of them and have thoroughly enjoyed each of them in its own right. I really like his games because he is very thoughtful on what asymmetrical and guerrilla warfare is like and seems to be able to insert the chaos and feeling of the rebellion into the simulation. He is now working with CSL to release a previously released print n’ play game from several years ago called Civil Power. From the game page we read the following:

Civil Power is a game from Brian Train which models mass civil disorder, riots, raids, and other violent urban phenomena. One player will take command of the Police/local authorities while the other player takes command of the Mob. The game is asymmetrical in its means, motives and opportunities: the Police player has discipline, firepower and esoteric technology while the Mob player has outrage, numbers and Molotov cocktails. The Police must manage to contain and subdue the crowd through carefully distributed violence: the right amount will suppress or demoralize Mob forces, while too much will cause casualties costing the police victory points. The Mob player is less constrained but is also aware that a riot is a temporary thing.

Scenarios are included for several types of situations: riots (including a five-day Chicago 1968 campaign and a three-player Belfast 1975 scenario); raids (featuring a skirmish by the Berlin Wall); and gang warfare (including the 1992 Los Angeles riots, a Crip-Blood gang war, and a 1944 Warsaw Uprising scenario). There are enough examples supplied that players will easily be able to design their own scenarios, inspired by the headlines of today and tomorrow.

Brian Train was inspired to design this game after reading “The Police Chief”, a particularly savage article by Hunter S. Thompson writing as “Raoul Duke, Master of Weaponry” about the inadequacy of equipment in the police armory to deal with civil disorder. We hope you, animated by the Spirit of Gonzo, will take the chance to explore his take on modern urban violence.

The strength in this design seems to be that it allows players to play out multiple forms of civil disobedience and unrest in multiple games. I love flexibility in a game and this one seems to be able to do the splits!

If you are interested in Civil Power, you can pre-order a copy for $34.99 from the CSL website at the following link: https://www.consimsltd.com/shop/civil-power

10. Conquest & Consequence from GMT Games

The Triumph & Tragedy Series is simply fantastic and all started with the 1st game focused on the European Theater of Operations during World War II. Then came the sci-fi version Expansion or Extinction. Now the series designer Craig Besinque takes us to the Pacific Theater where players will control the Japanese, Russians and Western powers. From the game page we read the following:

Conquest and Consequence brings the Triumph and Tragedy system to the Pacific/East Asia theater during the same 1936-1945 time period. Like T&T, it is designed for 3 players, maintaining the 3-sided dynamic that adds so much variety and intrigue to the system.

  • Militarist Japan, the first Asian power to modernize, seeks to replace the European colonial empires in East Asia with a true “all-Asian” empire, with itself as the natural leader. 

  • The Communist Soviet faction comprises the Siberian USSR and the Red Chinese revolutionaries. 

  • The Capitalist USA faction consists of the United States, the British Empire, and the struggling regime of Nationalist China. 

One of the very interesting elements about the original T&T was the time period covered and the fact that various factions could follow history or strike off on their own path and even have differing allies.

Further from the game page we read the following:

The game combines the Pacific naval war and the land war in Asia (including the Chinese Civil War), both equally weighing upon victory. The naval war is dramatic, featuring short, decisive battles and expanded roles for airpower and island bases. In the tradition of Triumph and Tragedy, the 3-sided aspect features negotiation, diplomacy, and subterfuge within a multitude of strategic possibilities. Like T&T, the game allows players freedom to diverge from the inclinations and policies of the historical actors and plays in 4-6 hours of constant tension and involvement.

We really enjoyed T&T and I am really looking forward to this new iteration covering the Pacific War. I really have grown to enjoy block wargames and this system implements this very well as your unit types as well as their strength are hidden.

If you are interested in a copy of Conquest & Consequence you can pre-order one for $75.00 on the GMT Games website at the following link: https://www.gmtgames.com/p-840-conquest-and-consequence.aspx

11. The Weimar Republic from GMT Games

I’ve said it a lot but we love card driven games. This is what drew us into wargames with games like Labyrinth, Wilderness War, Empire of the Sun and Twilight Struggle among others. CDG’s are fantastic games that use the history of conflicts to tell the narrative using event cards to play out the larger historical happenings. So any new CDG automatically has my interest and this one looks extremely interesting as it covers the internal political struggle within Germany between the end of The Great War and the start of World War II. From the game page we read the following:

The Weimar Republic is a Card Driven Game of political struggle in interwar Germany. Four factions compete for dominance: the democratic Coalition, the Soviet-backed Communist Party, Hitler’s National Socialists, and the far-right Radical Conservatives.

The game follows a timeline of 15 years (1919-1933) with two rounds in each year. During a round, players take turns using their faction-specific abilities to increase their influence in Germany’s regions and major cities, to maneuver the political landscape of the Republic, and to dominate through a combination of propaganda, parliamentary elections, street violence, economic influence, and ideological zeal.

Typical actions include agitation, reforms, recruitment and deployment of fighting men, strikes, uprisings, assassinations, and coups. General and regional elections are held at irregular intervals throughout the game, potentially shifting local power balances in sometimes radical ways. The timeline moves through three distinct eras, each with its own deck of event cards. There are also several special cards like Elections and Parliamentary Control Cards.

If you are interested in a copy of The Weimar Republic you can pre-order one for $55.00 on the GMT Games website at the following link: https://www.gmtgames.com/p-841-the-weimar-republic.aspx

New Release

1. Long Cruel Woman: The Assault on Fire Base Mary Ann, March 28, 1971 from High Flying Dice Games

I have done quite a few interviews with Paul Rohrbaugh with High Flying Dice Games as he is always looking to cover lesser known and lesser gamed subjects and his newest release follows that same mold where in Long Cruel Woman: The Assault on Fire Base Mary Ann, March 28, 1971 takes a look at the assault that occurred when Viet Cong (VC) sappers attacked the U.S. firebase located in Quảng Tín Province, South Vietnam early on the morning of 28 March 1971 and was in many ways a tragic, yet fitting, end of the American intervention in South Vietnam.

The game uses a random activation system using a deck of face cards and can be quite chaotic but it truly fits in with the topic and the situation.

If you are interested in a copy of Long Cruel Woman: The Assault on Fire Base Mary Ann, March 28, 1971 you can order one for $11.95 on the High Flying Dice Games website at the following link: http://www.hfdgames.com/lcw.html

img_58722. Interceptor Ace: Daylight Air Defense Over Germany, 1943-44 from Compass Games

I love a solitaire game that creates a good narrative and is more than just referencing charts and rolling dice. Don’t get me wrong, I know that this is an element that we have to see in solo games but there has to be something there that brings me back and Interceptor Ace, much like its predecessor Nightfigther Ace, has and that is connection to the pilot as you see him advance in rank and skill to survive harrowing sortie after sortie.

From the game page we read the following:

Interceptor Ace: Daylight Air Defense Over Germany, 1943-44 is a solitaire, tactical level game which places you in command of a German fighter during World War II. Each turn consists of several days, during which a combat mission will be flown from one of many bases in Europe, attempting to intercept incoming American Bombers. Interceptor Ace is based on the popular, action-packed Nightfighter Ace game system by Gregory M. Smith with a strong narrative around the pilot as you look to increase your prestige, earn skills, and rise in rank through promotion and receive awards.

The objective of the game is to conduct numerous sorties in the role of a German interceptor pilot and rack up kills. Pilots may use the experience gained to improve their odds of success by purchasing skills. As their prestige increases, they may request a transfer to other fighter bases in an attempt to get “closer to the action” or request a newer type of fighter. Awards and ace status help to narrate the player’s eventual goal – to become the top “Viermot” killer of the war.

Greg Smith is an incredible designer who really knows how to design a good solitaire game as he has put out such titles as Silent Victory, The Hunters and The Hunted. He also is a stickler for research and does a great job including historically accurate elements that get you into the game and the time period.

We did an interview with Greg covering this game last year and you can glean a lot of good detail from it on how the game plays.

If you are interested in Interceptor Ace: Daylight Air Defense Over Germany, 1943-44 you can order a copy for $75.00 from the Compass Games website at the following link: https://www.compassgames.com/preorders/interceptor-ace-daylight-air-defense-over-germany-1943-44.html

img_59583. Navajo Wars: A History of the American Southwest, 1598-1864 2nd Printing from GMT Games

I have always enjoyed games that focus on Native Americans and the wars of the American Southwest. But this game doesn’t just focus on the conflicts of that period but looks at the culture and expansion of the Navajo people known as the Diné in a nice and tidy solitaire system.

From the game page, we read the following:

Navajo Wars is a one to two-player game which covers the amazing history of the Navajo people from their first encounters with European colonists until their brutal subjugation by the Americans. For over 250 years, the Navajo fought to preserve their way of life. Navajo Wars gives YOU a detailed look at this epic historic period from the perspective of the Diné – the Navajo people.

In Navajo Wars, you will face a constantly changing and aggressive enemy. You will face Spanish, Mexican, and American soldiers and settlers. You must use skillful planning and resource management in order to maintain your tribe’s freedom.

Navajo Wars uses a unique mixture of cards and an enemy instruction matrix to drive the actions of the Navajo’s opponents. More than just chart-checking and die-rolling, in Navajo Wars you have to make lots of meaningful decisions in order to win!

Though designed from the beginning as a solitaire game, Navajo Wars also includes rules to play a semi-cooperative 2-player variant. In the 2-player game, both players can lose, but only one player can win!

We were able to post an interview with the designer Joel Toppen on our blog a few years ago about the game and the system and I have also played Comanchería: The Rise and Fall of the Comanche Empire and loved it as well.

If you are interested in Navajo Wars you can order a copy for $69.00 from the GMT Games website at the following link: https://www.gmtgames.com/p-544-navajo-wars-2nd-printing.aspx

img_59594. Stalingrad ’42: Southern Russia, June-December, 1942 from GMT Games

We love Mark Simonitch designs here and really had a good time with Holland ’44 and The US Civil War. I have been looking forward to his most recent design releasing for quite some time and it is finally here as GMT Games began shipping the game last week.
From the game page we read the following:
Stalingrad ‘42  is a division-level game on the Axis 1942 summer offensive towards Stalingrad and the Caucasus. Historically, this epic struggle lasted for 6 months and saw the Axis armies reach the Volga and the Caucasus Mountains. But Soviet resistance stiffened and final victory eluded the German army at Stalingrad and in the Caucasus. The ensuing November Soviet offensive trapped the Wehrmacht’s largest army (the 6th) at Stalingrad and marked the beginning of the end for Axis fortunes in WW2.
Stalingrad ’42 uses the same scale and nearly all the rules of Ukraine ’43. Many modifications have been made to improve the system and to show crucial features of the campaign. New rules include leaders, elite panzer divisions, planned operations, hidden Soviet buildup, and Army/Front offensive support.
With three maps and low unit density, the game delivers a grand view of the campaign, where decisions about movement and direction of attack have lasting effects that propel or curtail your future strategic plans. The effect is like watching a story unfold and noticing a growing emotional involvement with your forces and plans. In the end, whether in victory or defeat, players of Stalingrad ’42 will enjoy an epic gaming experience.
Stalingrad 42 Components

If you are interested in Stalingrad ’42 you can order a copy for $75.00 from the GMT Games website at the following link: https://www.gmtgames.com/p-715-stalingrad-42.aspx

5. Nubia: Egypt’s Black Heirs from White Dog Games

I am always on the look out for that interesting and unique game to share with you and I think that I found one this month in Nubia: Egypt’s Black Heirs from White Dog Games. And designed by a very good designer in Ben Madison who has decided other unique solo games such as Mound Builders.

From the game page, we read the following:

NUBIA! The name conjures up two images: exotic and black. It has always been so. To the ancient Egyptians, who knew it as Kush, the land of Nubia was a fairy-tale world of wealthy Black kings and exotic wild animals at the south end of the Nile, a vital trading partner and a stubborn military rival. By the Middle Ages, the African kingdoms of Nubia had followed the Egyptians into Christianity, and the land of the Upper Nile (from its source down to Aswan) was ruled by an alliance of three Christian Nubian kings. The “Baqt”, a peace treaty signed as early as 641 AD, preserved an uneasy truce on the Nile. While the Arab armies of Islamic aggression invaded and conquered everything else in sight, Nubia remained an island of peace in a sea of violent jihad. But in 1171, dynastic disputes in Arab-occupied Egypt spilled over into medieval Nubia – setting the stage for its violent decline and fall (1172-1504).

NUBIA is a solitaire strategy game based on that conflict, designed by R. Ben Madison and published by White Dog Games. In the game, you play the Samet (samet) or Prime Minister of medieval Nubia, advising the Uru (ourou, King) on how best to save your Black, literate, Christian civilization from pagan plunder and Muslim defilement.

If you are interested in Nubia: Egypt’s Black Heirs you can order a copy from the White Dog Games website for $44.00 at the following link: http://www.whitedoggames.com/nubia?fbclid=IwAR1Y1VXzRSJiP6zGloAEhjaYoWTiehljyzH-S9kBwvT2Q9UuNud39TVMuNc

6. Escape from Hades from Hollandspiele

I have found Hollandspiele’s games to be very interesting, and entertaining, and a bit odd, but very good! And their newest title seems to be in that same mold. Designed by the team of Fred Manzo and Hermann Luttmann the game is a solitaire sci-fi affair where you have to break into an impregnable starship fortress and save a princess!

From the game page, we read the following:

Escape From Hades is a solitaire science-fiction extravaganza! It’s a race against time as you make an opposed landing on the prison’s surface, destroy its defenses, shimmy in through the maintenance shafts, fight your way to the princess, then fight your way back out again, all while your ship fights for its mechanical life against squadrons of enemy fighters and surface defenses. Played on two “wraparound” hex maps representing the exterior and interior of a cylindrical prison, this is a unique, challenging, and replayable experience filled with memorable moments and characters, all brought to life by the gorgeous and colorful art of Wil Alambre.

The game looks very entertaining but also uses some very interesting mechanics with a card based combat system and lots of hidden units.

Escape from Hades Components

I have reached out to the design team for an interview and they are answering my questions now so I hope to have that posted in the next few weeks.

If you are interested in Escape from Hades you can order a copy for $45.00 from the Hollandspiele website at the following link: https://hollandspiele.com/products/escape-from-hades

Another great list of games that should appeal to something that you are interested in with several solitaire games, hex and counter wargames, CDG’s and the eclectic and interesting games added in as well. Please let me know what games out there that I missed and have a good time with the list this month.