Wargaming is such a great hobby! There is always something new out there to explore and to learn from. I see wargaming as gaming but not just as I also love the history aspect. This month, I was able to located some really interesting takes on history, some being of those things that have happened in our past but also some games that attempt to take a look into our future possibilities and model those conflicts based on our understanding of those theaters and the combatants involved and their capabilities. This month, I was able to find a total of 16 games (with one entry accounting for 2 games), with two of those being offered on Kickstarter.

If you missed the January Wargame Watch, you can you can read that here at the following link: https://theplayersaid.com/2023/01/02/wargame-watch-whats-new-upcoming-january-2023/


1. Next War: Iran from GMT Games

I’m going to be honest here. I have yet to play any of the many Next War Series games. Alexander owns Next War: Taiwan and I have Next War: Vietnam unopened and sitting on my shelf but we just have had other games to play….and are a bit intimidated if i am being straight with you. This one may be the title that gets me off the bench though and into the game. I love a good modern wargame.

Next War: Iran is the sixth game in the Next War Series. It is being billed as a unique entry in the series because of the fact that the Allied player has to do the attacking while the non-Allied player attempts to defend its territory against neo-imperial oppression. With a long logistical tail, few true allies in the region, and the menace of Iran’s A2AD capabilities, re-opening the Straits is a tall order.

From the game page, we read the following:

Ground units in Next War: Iran primarily represent divisions and brigades of the armies of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the United States of America. All ground units are rated for their attack and defense strengths, movement capabilities, and unit efficiency. The Iranian armed forces feature all three branches of land forces: Islamic Republic of Iran Ground Forces, Islamic Republic of Iran Navy, and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps; they might get some Russian intervention for whatever that’s worth. On the Allied side, the primary forces are the United States with potential involvement by the UK, Australia, France, Saudi Arabia, Oman, United Arab Emirates, and Qatar.

Air units represent the fighter, bomber, and attack squadrons of the major combatants. They are rated for All-Weather Capabilities, range, average pilot skill and training, and their capabilities in Air-to-Air Combat, Close Air Support, and Strike missions.

Naval units represent an abstraction of groups of ships (task forces) and allow players to conduct amphibious invasions, naval combat, naval gunfire support, and more.

In my opinion, one of the highlights of these games is always the boards and how they show the game off. They are just gorgeous and are actually some of the best wargames boards out there.

The game’s map represents the area along the coast of Iran at a scale of roughly 7.5 miles per hex. The map stretches from the important port of Chah Bahar in the east to a hundred or so miles west of the Straits of Hormuz.

There are a couple of Island Land Areas, similar to other games in the series which contain some important Petroleum Facilities the Allies will want to seize intact if they can.

Finally, the game offers several Standard Game scenarios with some of those being small and focus on limited objectives while at least one will be a larger campaign game encompassing the entire map. As has been the case in the previous games in the series, the Advanced Game scenarios will be divided into various starting points representing different levels of build-up before the game begins. 

If you are interested in Next War: Iran, you can pre-order a copy for the special P500 price of $59.00 from the GMT Games website at the following link: https://www.gmtgames.com/p-1011-next-war-iran.aspx

Ownership of any previous Next War Series titles will NOT be necessary to play Next War: Iran.

2. Levy & Campaign Series Volume VI Seljuk: Byzantium Besieged 1068-1071 from GMT Games

It seems that the hottest series out there today is the Levy & Campaign Series from GMT Games. Initially started by Volko Ruhnke with his Nevsky: Teutons & Rus in Collision, 1240-1242 and then followed up with Almoravid: Reconquista and Riposte in Spain, 1085-1086 there are 2 other titles currently listed on the P500 as well as the most recently shipped Inferno: Guelphs and Ghibellines Vie for Tuscany, 1259-1261 with at least another dozen (or more) that have yet to be announced but are being developed and playtested. One new one that was announced in the update was Seljuk: Byzantium Besieged 1068-1071 that pits Romans versus Turks.

From the game page, we read the following:

Anatolia, 1068. Romanos Diogenes has assumed the imperial throne of the Eastern Roman Empire. Ferocious armies of Seljuk Turks are on the doorstep, ravaging the border cities of the East and sending yearly raids and campaigns into Roman lands. Beset by political intrigue in Constantinople and assuming command of a fragile military, Romanos has only a short time to assemble the largest Roman army in over a century to drive off the forces of the Sultan Alp Arslan before the Empire collapses.

Seljuk—Volume VI in Volko Ruhnke’s Levy & Campaign Series—brings players into the challenges of medieval logistics and maneuver across Asia Minor during the clash between Orthodox Christian and Muslim power in the lead-up to the climactic Battle of Manzikert. Players will assume the role of either the Eastern Romans or Seljuk Turks as they seek to make their mark on this historic land. Asymmetric victory objectives and new and unique additions to the Levy & Campaign system mean a dynamic game of cat and mouse between these two great powers.

I am glad to see that these new entries are not just pumping out the same product, even though the system is really good and creates some very interesting challenges, but are innovating in order to meet the demands of the historical actors and periods covered. In Seljuk, it appears that both sides have to confront the real possibility that some of their allied Lords might switch sides which is always a fun mechanic.

If you are interested in Seljuk: Byzantium Besieged 1068-1071, you can pre-order a copy for the special P500 price of $69.00 from the GMT Games website at the following link: https://www.gmtgames.com/p-1025-seljuk-byzantium-besieged-1068-1071.aspx

3. Next War Supplement #4 from GMT Games

Lots of these series game ultimately come out with some type of rules and process to play them together. This month, we are getting a look at this among other new options and features for this established Next War Series.

From the game page, we read the following:

This fourth Next War supplement will contain the following items:

  • Rules for playing combined games.
  • An SOP specifically for Combined Games.
  • Rules covering backfitting new or updated Series Rules to previous games or just catching up to changes in Orders of Battles.
  • New optional rules including Limited PGMs, Traffic Jams, Unit Morale & Resiliency, and more…
  • A new scenario for Next War: Iran (requiring counters from Next War: Poland and Next War: Vietnam).
  • Two Insurgency scenarios for Next War: Iran.
  • One counter sheet containing additional and updated counters including:
    • An Italian AW249
    • Tejas Mk2 for India
    • Polish AH-64s
    • Indonesian F-15C
    • Additional German F-35As
    • Various additional markers
  • An update SOP for using the Alternate Advanced Game Air System 2.0 rules.

As was offered in the past as well, this Supplement has rules for at least one scenario with insurgency. And you know how we feel about insurgency and our love of the COIN Series.

If you are interested in Next War Supplement #4, you can pre-order a copy for the special P500 price of $20.00 from the GMT Games website at the following link: https://www.gmtgames.com/p-1024-next-war-supplement-4.aspx

4. Radetzky’s March 2nd Edition from Dissimula Edizioni

In 2019, I became familiar with a new designer Sergio Shiavi and his new company Dissimula Edizioni who designed a right neat looking wargame covering the last campaign of Field Marshall Josef Radetzky fought in 1849 between the Austrian Empire and the small Sardinian Kingdom, which was also called the 100-hour campaign because in 4 days it was all over. It was also Radetzky’s last campaign, and perhaps the most famous. The game was called Radetzky’s March: The Hundred Hours Campaign and is now getting a facelift with a 2nd Edition. Since the first edition Kickstarter, there have been several changes and additions to bring the game more into line with their recent release Give Us Victories.

From the game page, we read the following about the changes in the new edition:


The maps (2) are bigger, with distinctly different colors and better visual aids; now the various types of watercourses are clearly distinguishable: Major and minor rivers, streams and canals; target cities are clearly visible.


Icons are redesigned and recolored; in some cases completely changed. Larger. Then, in the first edition, I had involuntarily omitted the Italian flag. Now there is!

The combat values have changed, and the counters are more numerous thanks to the new artillery units.

There are multiple elite modifiers in the units.


The big news is represented by the artillery bombardment; when used en masse very effective.

Learning from the previous experience, I have removed some turns: the games are shorter and the players cannot afford to make mistakes!

The activation mechanism is the same; the command range for all formations is somewhat reduced; this requires that the formations not disperse too much during the game.

The cavalry charge becomes simpler and more brutal; more risky but which can lead to great results.

The ENGAGED result is eliminated, in its place SHAKEN appears, very different in effect and much less complicated. The CRT changes, it is definitely easier to use.

I’ve added a small strategy map to allow for a variation in the initial deploy of the formations.

There is an optional system for playing with DUMMY, in two ways: either by masking the stacks or by using displays showing the groups of counters defined by the DUMMY.

I heard from the designer Sergio Schiavi that “The game should be available from March-April 2023, it will be in English, Italian, French and German (the last two only download rules). Compared to the first edition it is leaner and faster; map and counters have changed, bigger, and I applied some of the innovations of Give Us Victories“.

If you are interested in Radetzky’s March 2nd Edition you can pre-order a copy for 45 € (about $49.00) from the Dissimula Edizioni website at the following link: https://www.dsimula.com/radetzky-march-2nd-eng

5. 8th Air Force 2nd Edition and 20th Airforce 2nd Edition from Fortress Games Currently on Kickstarter

In late 2021, I came across a new WWII solitaire bombing campaign game called 20th Air Force: A Solitaire Game of the Strategic Bombing Campaign against Japan: 1944-1945 while perusing the internet from a newer company Fortress Games. I played it and shot a video review of the game and really enjoyed the interesting mechanics and systems used.

The players’ objective is to reduce Japan’s cities, large and small, to smoldering rubble through a consistent and relentless bombing campaign using your B-29 bombers. While initially you must focus on clearing the sky of Imperial Japanese Army Air Force (IJAAF) fighters and blasting Japanese war industries with high explosive bombs, eventually you will develop incendiary bombs which rapidly reduce Japan’s combustible wooden and paper cities to ashes, and their dispersed war industries to ruins.

But there is another game in this series called 8th Air Force: A Solitaire Game of the USAAF Strategic Bombing Campaign Against Germany: 1943-1945 that deals with the bombing campaign in Europe but uses the same system with some particulars changing.

Now both of these games are coming back for a 2nd Edition Kickstarter campaign.

From the game page, we read the following:

So what’s new? Everything except the exciting game play! Let’s list them out, then do some exploring…

  • ALL NEW game board art, creating a more engrossing experience;
  • ALL NEW counter art;
  • Beautiful new player aids;
  • Rewritten instruction manual, clarifying sections which received the most questions, and adding TONS of examples and illustrations of play;
  • Exciting and historically thrilling NEW OPTIONAL RULES, including some very interesting “what if’s”!
  • …and IT ALL comes in a brand-new 8.75″ x 11.25″ x 1.00″ bookshelf box covered with new artwork!!

To sum it all up, the game is getting a facelift with some new art, both for the counters and board, as well as some new player aids which were badly needed and a rewritten rulebook. The rules were my only real complaint in the game as they were just vague. HOpefull this rewrite adds some clear language and examples of play to take away my guessing a bit and figuring it out through trial and error.

Here you can take a look at our unboxing video for the 1st Editions of both 8th Air Force and 20th Air Force:

Here also is a link to my review of 20th Air Force (I still have not got around to playing 8th Air Force):

If you are interested in 8th Air Force 2nd Edition and 20th Air Force 2nd Edition, you can back the project on the Kickstarter page at the following link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1301120681/8th-air-force-20th-air-force-second-edition

As of February 1st, the Kickstarter campaign has funded raising $11,301 toward its $3,000 funding goal with 95 backers. The campaign will conclude on Thursday, March 23rd at 12:39pm EDT.

6. SCS Ardennes II from Multi-Man Publishing

From the game page, we read the following:

Ardennes II is a Standard Combat Series reissuing of the award-winning game Ardennes from 1993 using the additional research available in the BCS game Last Blitzkrieg. Like its predecessor, it covers the German Wacht am Rhein offensive in December 1944 against the heretofore “quiet front” of the Ardennes Forest. 

Despite heavy losses on both the Western and Eastern Fronts, the German Army attempted to re-invigorate its offensive forces using drafts of the elderly, infirm, and very young.   The defending US forces were recovering from the dash across France and using the Ardennes area to give exhausted units a chance to refit and to give their new reinforcements some modest battle-zone experience.

The result went down in history as the Battle of the Bulge. 

Really great to see a classic edition getting a bit of a reworking as we have learned some things about the campaign over the past 30 years.

In addition to spotlighting the better OOB and map research first used in Last Blitzkrieg, the game differs from its predecessor by highlighting the unique nature of the artillery on both sides, correcting the original’s “Supply Wagon” supply system, as well as giving units the opportunity to withdraw before an enemy attack. It also cuts back on the amount of chrome rules which the player needed to wade through, and which exaggerated the effects of some marginal forces.

The game continues the SCS tradition of a very clean and easily played Sequence of Play, clear unit interactions, and straight-forward victory determination.  

This game is highly recommended for those interested in learning for the first time or teaching the fine hobby of wargaming to beginners.

We have really enjoyed out plays of the Standard Combat Series system. It is very playable, with simple rules and clear objectives, and is just a very solid system as evidenced by its over 25 volumes of which we have played only Rostov ’41, but own a few others including Day of Days, The Mighty Endeavor, Rock of the Marne and Autumn for Barbarossa.

If you are interested in SCS Ardennes II you can pre-order a copy for $60.00 from the Multi-Man Publishing website at the following link: https://mmpgamers.com/ardennes-ii-p-377

7. Stalingrad: Advance to the Volga, 1942 from Revolution Games

I love a good solitaire wargame. And if that game covers the famous Battle of Stalingrad mores the better! This month, I caught a glimpse of a new solo game from Revolution Games called Stalingrad: Advance to the Volga, 1942 designed by Mike Rinella. Mike has done a slew of area movements games, such as Patton’s Vanguard and Last Battle, Ie Shima and his designs are always interesting and playable.

From the game page, we read the following:

Stalingrad Advance to the Volga, 1942 puts the player in charge of the attacking and far more mobile German side while the game system handles the defending and largely static Soviet side. No two games will ever be the same. Each turn represents new and unique challenges for the player in the form of random events, uncertain supply deliveries and unknown Soviet area strength and defensive strategies.

The campaign by the German 6th Army to crush the Soviet 62nd Army and capture the city has been the subject of numerous two-player designs. It is a situation known to most gamers but is presented here in a new and exciting SOLITAIRE format, the first in a series of single-player area movement games by publisher Take Aim Designs. Stalingrad: Advance to the Volga, 1942 puts the player in charge of the attacking and far more mobile German side while the game system handles the defending and largely static Soviet side. No two games will ever be the same. Each turn presents new and unique challenges for the player in the form of random events, uncertain supply deliveries, and unknown Soviet area strengths and defensive strategies.

The primary game is a nine-turn campaign covering the first great German assault on the city during September 1942. The deeper German forces advance, from the city’s less developed periphery to its urban and industrial core, the greater Soviet resistance becomes. The number of German units bled white, effectively out of action, mounts. German determination to secure a rapid victory, represented as “morale” in the game, gradually decreases. The player wins by equaling or exceeding historical German gains and loses if they fail to do so, or if morale falls too low.

If you are interested in Stalingrad: Advance to the Volga, 1942 you can pre-order a copy for $40.00 from the Revolution Games website at the following link: https://stores.revolutiongames.us/stalingrad-advance-to-the-volga-1942/

It appears that the game will be shipping in late February so get your order in quickly before it increases to the retail price of $55.00.

8. Napoléon’s Conquests from Fellowship of Simulations

My experience with Fellowship of Simulations is limited. I have only played their new game called Wars of Religion: France 1562-1598. We own their Verdun 1916: Steel Inferno but have yet to get it to the table. What I can say about them is they take chances and try to design interesting and unique games, not just on the chosen subject but how those games playout.

This past week, I came across an announcement on their Facebook page for a new worker placement(???) card driven wargame called Napoléon’s Conquests. I look at the page and thought it was so interesting that I had to share.

From the game page, we read the following:

Napoleon (aka France in the Game) is alone against 4 nations who will have to ally themselves to try to defeat the Emperor. With the help of 3 government advisors (acting as boardgame workers – yes this is not a traditional wargame), each of the allies will have to position themselves on the corresponding action zones to obtain finances to buy troops and movement, increase his national morale to better resist during the fights and fulfill victory conditions. Increase the level of society of the allies which contributes also to the victory conditions, recruit troops in the capital and finally, to make an alliance which will protect him from Napoleon.

This first phase of positioning of the advisors is a real strategic management of resources between priority on economy, morale, society, diplomacy and military. 2 major objectives in this phase for the Coalition: To prepare an alliance between them which requires money and diplomacy points. Prevent Napoleon from reinforcing himself too quickly with troops and morale

Napoleon has 5 advisors and can place 2 in military zones.

This positioning also depends on the action cards of each player, which offer a great bonus to use. It is a permanent choice between the 3 active effects of each action card, only one of which will be played!

No real randomness except for the distribution of the action cards, which also generates a surprising variety of games.

2 The alliances obey strict rules. Essential in the game, they are the subject of many discussions between the allies, which greatly contribute to the atmosphere and the duration of the game. The forced alliance on a nation is a complex weapon for Napoleon.

3 The Cornelian choice between Move and Reinforce for a tactical deployment of the troops which is key. As well as is the management of initiative because in this game it is necessary to alternate its order in the turn of play to move (and thus attack) after its target…

4 The powers of each Nation spice up the game a bit. Thus, the English are the financiers of the Alliances, Austria is the diplomat while Prussia encourages the other players to go to the Society track.

5 A semi-cooperative game for the Allies with the bonus of a secret objective that can sometimes make you forget that you must first defeat Napoleon to win.

6 You can play Napoleon’s Conquests without knowing anything about his history, but you will discover a lot of event and not only war related ones. Historical events are not forcing the game in one direction, but it is true that the military card bonuses are more advantageous with an Italian campaign in the first era and a Russian campaign in the second era.

This one looks really interesting I can’t quite tell what it is or how things will work out but I am very interested in learning more about the game. I definitely will reach out to Walter to get more information about the design in one of our designer interviews.

If you are interested in Napoléon’s Conquests, you can pre-order a copy from the Fellowship of Simulations website at the following link: https://www.fsimgames.com/en/napoleon/

9. The Doomsday Project: Episode 2, The Battle for the Balkans from Compass Games Currently on Kickstarter

This game is an using a new system designed by Adam Starkweather called the Operational Scale System or OSS. We have played several games in the Company Scale System, which has had games such as Saipan: The Bloody RockGuam: Return to Glory and Tinian: The Forgotten Battle, but none using this system. The this system is being used in a series of what-if style games looking at the Cold War Gone Hot.

From the game page, we read the following:

The Doomsday Project is a subseries of the Operational Scale System featuring wars that never happened. There will be games on the Persian Gulf, the Balkans, the far north, the Far East, the strategic naval war, and of course, a game of total nuclear war. Episode Two, The Battle for the Balkans game, as you will see in all additional games in The Doomsday Project, will add another facet to the mechanics of the system. Sophisticated political rules will make their appearance. Players will have to contend with heads of state and their positives and negatives in play. Rules to retrofit these rules into the Germany game will be provided as well.

This is the fourth game in the “OSS” system; and the second game in The Doomsday Series. This game will cover the battle for the southern front of Europe. The map will stretch from Northern Italy to the Bosporus and all the nations that could have fought in this area will be represented in the game. This series is made to be highly playable and to be completed in far shorter a time that is common for this size game. Low counter density and a concentration on conceptual complexity is the focus of this series. While still mechanically simple, The Doomsday Project will also have all the necessary rules to cover this theater and period. In Episode 2, The Battle for the Balkans game, as you will see in all additional games in The Doomsday Project, will add another facet to the mechanics of the system. Sophisticated political rules will make their appearance. Players will have to content with heads of state and their positives and negatives in play. Rules to retrofit these rules into the Germany game will be provided as well.

If you are interested in The Doomsday Project: Episode 2, The Battle for the Balkans you can back the project on the Kickstarter page at the following link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/compassgames/the-doomsday-project-episode-2-the-battle-for-the-balkans

As of February 1st, the Kickstarter campaign has funded raising $3,381 toward its $2,500 funding goal with 30 backers. The campaign will conclude on Sunday, February 12th at 10:00am EST.

New Release

1. Old School Tactical Volume I 2nd Edition from Flying Pig Games

Old School Tactical from Flying Pig Games is a tactical combat system that focuses on World War II to date. The game focuses on the simulation of small unit combined arms engagements where historical units, weapons, armor and vehicles will duke it out on a beautifully crafted board full of hexes. During a turn, players will go back and forth using an Impulse Point System to activate units to either Move, Assault Move or Fire. The players will play through a predetermined amount of rounds and at the end, victory points and casualty points will determine which side is the victor.

The first volume in the series was Old School Tactical Volume 1 Eastern Front 1941/1942 and focused on battles between the Russians and Germans. Old School Tactical Volume 2 West Front 1944/1945 was a follow-up effort and focused on the titanic struggle in Europe following the D-Day landings in 1944 with battles between the Americans and Germans. The most recent new volume in the series was Old School Tactical Volume 3 Pacific 1942/1945 and includes battles between the Japanese and their Special Naval Landing Force and the American Marine Corps.

Recently, I saw where the 2nd Edition of OST Volume I was available for purchase and I wanted to share that with you as this system is really very good.

From the game page, we read the following:

Now it’s back in the ring, to take another swing. Not a reprint, but a full up 2nd Edition.

What’s new? The art. The counter art.

Shayne has redone the illustrations for all the soldiers (infantry units) for both sides, and enhanced the drawings of the vehicles.

The rules. Old School Tactical Vol I 2nd Edition comes with the absolute latest, bleeding edge OST rules.

The player aids. The Vol I Player Aid Cards have been brought up to the latest standards that includes the latest Vehicle Combat Table, which changed after the original printing.

Scenarios. The scenarios include corrections necessitated by errata, as well as a layout upgrade to bring them in line with Vol II and Vol III. Additionally, the game boosts 2 new tutorial scenarios, playable by newbies and grognards alike.

And several stretch goals that we think you all will like from neoprene border strips to mark the map edges on smaller scenarios, to upgraded, linen-backed data cards, to… well, you’ll just have to check out the Kickstarter to find out.

For more information about the game and the system you can check our video review of Old School Tactical Volume I at the following:

You can also check out our overview of what the Old School Tactical System is along with a discussion about the various volumes:

If you are interested in Old School Tactical Volume I 2nd Edition you can order a copy for $125.00 from the Flying Pig Games website at the following link: https://flyingpiggames.com/products/old-school-tactical-vol-i-2nd-edition

2. Task Force: Carrier Battles in the Pacific from VUCA Simulations

VUCA Simulations is really on their game over the past year. They have released about 6 games that are all stunningly beautiful but also imminently playable. One of their recent releases, which we have yet to get a copy of, is a naval wargame covering World War II in the Pacific Theater called Taskforce: Carries Battles in the Pacific. What I really like about the game is the design approach. The game is scenario based and you play each scenario that will build on the rules used in the previous scenario until players are exposed to the entire system and learn it in order to tackle the larger and more difficult later scenarios. This is reminiscent of the way Atlantic Chase from GMT Games handled this.

From the game page, we read the following:

Task Force: Carrier Battles in the Pacific is designed to be accessible and enjoyable for all – ranging from players with no experience of simulation games, to those with intermediate or above proficiency in the genre.

There are an initial eight scenarios to play, focusing on Japanese naval engagements in World War II. These are: “Attack on Pearl Harbor,” “Sinking of Prince of Wales and Repulse,” “Battle of the Java Sea,” “Carrier vs Carrier,” “Battle of the Coral Sea,” “Battle of Midway,” “Battle of the Eastern Solomons” and “Combined Fleet vs Pacific Fleet.”

The scenarios progressively increase in difficulty. The first (Attack on Pearl Harbor) is for complete beginners, whereas the final few will be best enjoyed by intermediate players. That said, even the final scenarios will be accessible to a beginner who has progressed through the preceding ones in turn. Conversely, the earlier scenarios may be of little interest to intermediate players due to their low difficulty. The purpose of these first scenarios is simply to teach new players the essential rules appearing throughout all of TASK FORCE.

If you are interested in Task Force: Carrier Battles in the Pacific, you can order a copy for $112.00 from the VUCA Simulations website at the following link: https://vucasims.com/products/task-force-carrier-battles-in-the-pacific

3. Waterloo 1815 Fallen Eagles II 2nd Edition from Hexasim

Big game inbound that is very well thought of from a solid publisher. Waterloo 1815 Fallen Eagles II 2nd Edition is now available for order from the Hexasim website.

After doing a bit of research, other than the new art and box cover, the game includes the following changes from 1st Edition from 2015:

Last version of the series rules with inclusion of all previous rules changes/updates and errata.

New map, with a more accurate depiction of the terrain (thanks to Rick Barber) and new graphics and without hex numbers.

Revised Order of Battle. As in Ligny and Quatre Bras, elite regiments are divided in 2 counters, to give them more resilience in combat while lower quality units are regrouped into single units.

A few changes in tactical cards.

Mini maps for each scenario.

From the game page, we read the following:

This new edition of Waterloo 1815, Fallen Eagles provides a fully revised order of battle and a new map with an improved topographic accuracy. The rules include all the evolutions of the game system since the 1st opus in the Eagles of France series. The focus remains on morale, attrition and commitment of formation (division & corps) at the right time, rather than tactical chrome.

If you are interested in Waterloo 1815 Fallen Eagles II 2nd Edition, you can order a copy for 60.00 € ($65.34) from the Hexasim website at the following link: https://www.hexasim.com/fr/3531-Waterloo-1815-Fallen-Eagles-II.html

4. Banish the Snakes from GMT Games

We love cooperative games here at The Players’ Aid, with one caveat, they must be good cooperative games that are a challenge and are not too easily won! At first glance, Banish the Snakes looks very interesting and has some really interesting mechanics that are sure to be a joy to play. I am only sharing this one because it is a cooperative game based in the history of Ireland and not some fantasy setting where we are not dealing in facts.

From the game page, we read the following:

Banish the Snakes is a cooperative game that simulates Ireland in the 5th century, while the Roman Empire was collapsing in the west and Ireland was turning to the Christian religion. Players represent Saints Patrick and others (up to six of you) who set out to convert the pagans on the island. You must work as a team to convert the people of Ireland before the barbarians completely overwhelm Britain – if you fail, the Irish will not be able to save Civilization in the following centuries!

As I look at the game, it appears to use some really interesting card assisted elements that decide how you go about your business of changing the minds of the Pagans and influence them to join the Christian movement. So, a game with indirect conflict and overcoming influence. Sounds to me like a lot of the games that I personally love that use cards to influence areas such as Twilight Struggle and Washington’s War and that delves into the religious side of history like Here I Stand.

The game board is a map of Ireland in the 5th century, with four Provinces-the same as today – but no counties yet formed. Wooden tiles represent the People, Druids, Chiefs, and Kings, and of course the High King at Tara. It is the players goal to invade the interrelated influences between these groups of people and get your new ideas accepted.

I also see at the very bottom of the board is a schematic type of diagram of Great Britain which is sued to keep track of the steady decline of Roman civilization in Great Britain and the continual assault on the country by barbarian invaders. As different parts of Britain succumb to the barbarians, more and more difficult challenges are added to the deck of cards, until finally Britain is completely overwhelmed, cutting off Ireland from the continent and ending the game.

The game also uses Event Cards to drive the action. Each turn a card is drawn, throwing new challenges at the group working to convert the populace. The severity of the event is determined by the previous card, and so no two games can ever play the same. The cards introduce events and ideas of the time, new saints, and historic figures such as Neil of the Nine Hostages.

We posted an early interview with the designer Kevin McPartland and you can read that at the following link (keep in mind that this was posted in March 2020 and the game might have changed since): https://theplayersaid.com/2020/03/09/interview-with-kevin-mcpartland-co-designer-of-banish-the-snakes-a-cooperative-game-of-st-patrick-in-ireland-from-gmt-games/

If you are interested in Banish the Snakes, you can order a copy for $59.00 on the GMT Games’ website at the following link: https://www.gmtgames.com/p-752-banish-the-snakes.aspx

5. Inferno: Guelphs and Ghibellines Vie for Tuscany, 1259-1261 from GMT Games

It seems that the hottest series out there today is the Levy & Campaign Series from GMT Games. Initially started by Volko Ruhnke with his Nevsky: Teutons & Rus in Collision, 1240-1242 and then followed up with Almoravid: Reconquista and Riposte in Spain, 1085-1086 there are 3 other titles currently listed on the P500 with at least another dozen (or more) that have yet to be announced but are being developed and playtested. With this justified excitement, as we have played and enjoyed Nevsky, I am very interested in this one and cannot wait to get it to the table.

From the game page, we read the following:

Inferno—the third volume in Volko Ruhnke’s Levy & Campaign Series—fires up the cauldron 13th-Century Tuscan warfare, factional conflict fueled by the gold florins and teeming populations of up-and-coming cities and well-to-do valleys. Expert Italian wargame designer Enrico Acerbi brings the age to life within Volko’s accessible medieval-operation system. Gathering transport and provender may not be as much the challenge here as the sudden treachery of rebel towns and castles along key roads. Italy’s plundering berrovieri horsemen, famed elite crossbowmen, and distinctive palvesari shield bearers are just a few of the unique inhabitants of this volume. Muster, mount up, and find out whose blood will make the Arbia run red!

We posted an interview with the designer Enrico Acerbi and you can read that at the following link: https://theplayersaid.com/2022/12/26/interview-with-enrico-acerbi-designer-of-inferno-guelphs-and-ghibellines-vie-for-tuscany-1259-1261-from-gmt-games/

If you are interested in interested in Inferno: Guelphs and Ghibellines Vie for Tuscany, 1259-1261, you can order a copy for $95.00 from the GMT Games website at the following link: https://www.gmtgames.com/p-952-inferno-guelphs-and-ghibellines-vie-for-tuscany-1259-1261.aspx

6. Band of Brothers: Old Breed South Pacific from Worthington Publishing

We love tactical wargames! If you follow us, you know that. We also really love playing tactical wargames in the Pacific Theater of Operations. And if a game has them both, we are as happy as a clam found in those tropical waters of the South Pacific. Such is the case with the new edition of Band of Brothers: Old Breed South Pacific which just arrived at the Worthington warehouse and they are busy as clams (or is it beavers? But there are no beavers in the ocean!) fulfilling the Kickstarter backers orders so you might need to be patient as it is planned to take 2-3 weeks to ship those games.

From the game page, we read the following:

Band of Brothers: Old Breed South Pacific is a fast playing game of squad level combat in WWII. It covers the exploits of the U.S. First Marine Division in the battles for Guadalcanal. The rules are very simple (no combat charts are needed) with very few exceptions to remember and yet the game is meant to be all encompassing and will include infantry, tanks, and artillery.

Based on years of research, the game system uses a unique suppression mechanic. There are no longer two unique states for a unit, but varying degrees of suppression. This allows suppression to accumulate from multiple fire sources and means that the unit will not take a morale check until it is asked to do something. You will never know for sure how your units will respond until they are needed.

Although casualties can be caused by artillery and heavy weapons (which makes them prime battlefield targets), squads will never cause significant casualties shooting at range at dug in, first line troops. Their goal is to fire and maneuver. Sections of the enemy force must be pinned down and eliminated from up close. The system itself forces this realistic play. In a similar fashion, the system rewards you for spreading your troops out and other realistic game play.

If you are interested in interested in Band of Brothers: Old Breed South Pacific, you can order a copy for $70.00 from the Worthington Publishing website at the following link: https://www.worthingtonpublishing.com/collection/screaming-eagles-remastered-kcsjd-sw8gl

7. Königgrätz from Conflict Simulation Limited

It has been a while since I have seen activity from CSL on the new wargame front but this past week, I saw a Facebook post advertising a new pre-order game from Raymond Weiss called Königgrätz which is the seminal battle in 1866 of the Austro-Prussian War. There is not a lot of information out there on the game but it does borrow elements of a system designed by Mark Herman for his game Gettysburg that appeared in C3i Magazine #32.

From the game page, we read the following:

Königgrätz is a new game from CSL which serves as a follow up to our previous title Mars la Tour, which uses the same Mark Hermann inspired system with a few new updates. Königgrätz (also known as the battle of Sadowa) was the crucial battle which determined the victor of the 1866 Austro-Prussian war for Germanic hegemony. Unlike traditional wargames, Königgrätz uses a unique sequence of play featuring pulses and formation changes in order to provide a more competitive experience between two players, and a more educational experience for one.

We played Gettysburg a few times and it is a very light but fun system that models maneuver and outflanking very well with low counter density and simple rules overhead.

If you are interested in Königgrätz, you can order a copy for $34.99 from the Conflict Simulation Limited website at the following link: https://www.consimsltd.com/products/koniggratz

Thanks for reading along this month. I am very excited about a lot of these games and really look forward to playing them. Please let me know if you know of a new pre-order game, Kickstarter or new release that I missed.