The Undaunted Series continues with the action now moving to the North African Theater of World War II where the forces of the Italians will fight it out with the Long Range Desert Group. In Undaunted: North Africa, which is a stand alone sequel to Undaunted: Normandy, players will lead their sides through a varied series of objective based missions. As casualties mount, wounded soldiers leave the players’ decks, forcing them to adapt in the face of changing tactical circumstances. Players will use their cards to strengthen their forces, deploying vehicles to advance rapidly across the battlefield, and seize the initiative as their is a struggle over control of the battlefield.

I have written a series of Action Points discussing the various aspects of the game and you can read those at the following links:

Action Point 1 – we looked at the deck building aspect of the game, including the makeup of the deck and how you “build” it.

Action Point 2 – we dove into a look at the new units in the game and their new special abilities and also looked at the biggest new addition including vehicles and new structure markers.

Action Point 3 – we looked at the major differences between North Africa and Normandy and what has changed in the system other than the new units.

Action Point 4 – cover some basic concepts of strategy to keep in mind about how units are best used and how to exploit their special abilities.

We also did an interview with one of the designers David Thompson and you can read that at the following link: