Aurelian, Restorer of the World is a solitaire game designed by Tom Russell, the designer of Agricola, Master of Britain and Charlemagne, Master of Europe. The game is set during the crisis of the third century, which was a decades-long affair that stretched the Roman Empire until it was splintered. To the rescue came a half barbarian named Lucius Domitius Aurelianus, and over the course of his short reign, he would restore this broken world back to what it once was. The game plays similarly to these previous mentioned titles in that three cups are used to represent shifting attitudes toward Aurelian’s rule with actions the player takes will move chits from one cup to another. This game though is shorter and faster than the two previous games, lasting a maximum of six turns. It’s also a bit more difficult. Beyond marching around the map, quelling revolts, and smacking down usurpers, you must manage monies, maintain a strong defensive line along the Danube, make war against Germanic tribes, build up city defenses, and spread the cult of Sol Invictus. You do not have nearly enough time or resources to do all of these things equally well, and will need to make hard choices.