Last summer, we bought a brand new, hot off the presses copy of A Victory Awaits: Operation Barbarossa 1941 from Multi-Man Publishing. The game uses a modified version of the A Victory Lost Series game system. The game tells the story of Operation Barbarossa from the period covering June 22nd to mid-September, 1941. The system is very approachable and the rules are well written so players can get up and running very quickly. The system uses a chit-pull to activate different formations and plays very quickly with some hot and heavy action. One of the best parts of the game is that players can decide to play either the full campaign game which contains 3 beautiful maps, or can choose to focus on any of the 3 fronts involved, including Army Group North and their push on Leningrad, Army Group Center focused on Smolensk or Army Group South and its focus on Ukraine.

A Victory Awaits: Operation Barbarossa, 1941 appeared at #10 on my Top 10 Wargames of 2022! list.