Last weekend (March 16th-19th), Alexander and I traveled to St. Louis, Missouri to meet up with friends to play wargames all weekend during what we affectionately call “Basement CON”. We do this annually, usually in the spring, and play large multiplayer wargames with max players. In the past, we have played games like War Room, Virgin Queen, Here I Stand and Tank Duel just to name a few. This year at Basement CON, which was our third such gathering, we played multiple games over 3 days including Pericles from GMT Games, Land and Freedom from Blue Panther, Europa Universalis: The Price of Power from Aegir Games, Eclipse Second Dawn for the Galaxy from and the finale was an all day 6-player game of Here I Stand: Wars of the Reformation, 1517-155 (500th Anniversary Edition) from GMT Games.

On the way home, we shot a car video discussing the events of the weekend and our thoughts on the games we played listed above.