Recently, Worthington Publishing released 3 games in their Great Sieges Series, one 2nd Printing (1759 Siege of Quebec) and two new games (414 BC Siege of Syracuse and 1565 Siege of Malta). Volume 2 in the series 414 BC Siege of Syracuse deals with the Athenian siege of the city of Syracuse in Sicily from 414-413 BC and is a 1-2 player game that is pretty interesting, with simple rules, a very unique order and counter order system that plays in about 30-45 minutes.

We published an interview with the designer Dan Fournie and you can read that at the following link:

I also have written a series of Action Point posts highlighting different aspects of the design. In Action Point 1, we covered the Map examining the different positions where troops and ships are placed and walls and counter walls may be built and their spatial relationship. In Action Point 2, we took a look at the available Orders for the Athenian player and how they are used. In Action Point 3, we examined the Counter Order Deck for the Syracusan defenders and their structure as well as looked at the Athenian Leader cards that are included in the deck. In Action Point 4, we reviewed the victory conditions for the Athenian player. In Action Point 5, which is the final in the series, we will take a look at some points of strategy to give you a primer on how to accomplish your task in the solitaire mode.