Point Blank: V is for Victory is a tactical World War II squad based card game designed for 2 players who fight against each other in situational combat scenarios. The game is played on an abstract map board made up of terrain cards and managed through a distance system that accounts for the range to targets, line of sight, and defensive attributes. The player has units that start out on the map and gradually work their way towards objectives by advancing through the battlefield all the while conducting combat actions against their opponent or defending their troops from return fire. Players draw cards from a common action deck where they will play actions on their units on the map board. The game is an IGOUGO impulse system and turns are managed when the action deck is exhausted. Actions in the game consist of Fire, Move, Assault, Rally, etc. The action cards contain dice icons on them to determine random results.

This is a playthrough video that we shot shortly after receiving a near final prototype copy.