BCS Arracourt is a Battalion Combat Series (BCS) game depicting the desperate Axis counterattack to stop Patton’s drive across France in September 1944 and the stellar example of mobile US Combined Arms that stopped that offensive dead in its tracks. The system has five published games to date including Last Blitzkrieg: Wacht am Rhein The Battle of the Bulge (2016), Baptism By Fire: The Battle of Kasserine (2017), Brazen Chariots: Battles for Tobruk, 1941 (2019), Panzers Last Stand: Battles for Budapest, 1945 (2021) and Arracourt (2022). We enjoyed the system so much that we have purchased several of the other games to play.

Recently, I posted a first impression post on the blog covering the game and you can read that at the following link: https://theplayersaid.com/2022/08/17/first-impressions-bcs-arracourt-from-multi-man-publishing/