Earlier this year, I saw a Facebook ad for a 2nd Printing copy of a very cool looking card game from The Game Crafter that covered the Allied Paratrooper Operations during the D-Day Invasion of World War II called Airborne Commander.

Airborne Commander is a solitaire deck building game depicting the 101st Airborne Division’s actions in support of the D-Day landings. The player begins with a simple starting deck of just a few men, a couple non-commissioned officers and a lieutenant and are asked to face off against the German deck while trying desperately to recruit more cards from the drop zone in order to build up force for assaults against objectives. Points are earned for defeating enemy cards and taking objectives, but combat can result in lost cards and the dilution of the deck with disorganized cards providing a tense experience.

Combat includes small arms fire, suppression fire, bazookas, gammon grenades, anti-tank guns, indirect artillery support and air strikes. German cards represent the actual forces and terrain present including personnel from Ost battalions and static divisions, armored cars, STUG’s, blockhouses, Rommel’s asparagus and flooded fields. The objective cards represent the actual causeways, locks, artillery positions, headquarters and other locations that were assigned and have features unique to each.

Frankly I really like this game! It was a great find for me and I have played it about 35 times over the past 5 months or so. I heartily recommend the game and you can obtain a copy for $35.99 from The Game Crafter website at the following link: https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/airborne-commander-2021

And if you don’t mind, if you buy it please let them know that Grant sent you over from The Players’ Aid.