Tarawa 1943 is a solitaire, card driven wargame on the invasion of Japanese controlled Tarawa by the 2nd Marine Division. The game focuses on the use of Cohesion to activate battalions to move or attack the Japanese forces on the island. Each turn the USMC player will activate one of their battalions and as a battalion is activated it reduces its cohesion reflecting wear and tear, and exhaustion or troops. Battalions are further reduced in cohesion due to Japanese attacks and the marines pushing their attacks. The player also has a 3 card hand (out of a deck of 30 cards) that gives additional resources to the player including things like naval support, air support, engineers, tanks, etc. The USMC player can play 1 card during their turn and 1 card during the Japanese turn.

Warning: This game is brutal and very unforgiving. It is nearly impossible to win, but even though that is the case it draws me back in each play with a fresh hope that this time I can pull it out!

We posted an interview with the designer Grant Wylie on the blog and you can read that at the following link: https://theplayersaid.com/2021/01/25/interview-with-grant-wylie-designer-of-tarawa-1943-from-worthington-publishing-currently-on-kickstarter/