The May 2022 Monthly Debrief Video saw us discussing what games have driven us toward wanting to visit and interact with historical military sites. We each have visited several over the years, including Pearl Harbor, Hawaii (WWII) (Grant and Alexander), Normandy, France (WWII) (Alexander), Chickamauga, Georgia (American Civil War) (Grant), Fort Sumter, Charleston, South Carolina (American Civil War) (Grant) and Camden, South Carolina (American Revolution) (Grant) amongst other sites. We even discussed a plan to ultimately put together a European trip where we would like to visit Normandy, Sainte Mer Eglise, the Ardennes and the Maginot Line to name just a few.

Also as usual, we covered the games we played in May and discussed Alexander’s recent attendance at the UK Game Fest in London and some of the games he played there.