Hubris: Twilight of the Hellenistic World places players in the shoes of the 2nd century BC Hellenistic kings, heirs to the famous Successors who fought over Alexander the Great’s empire for more than 40 years, into their dotage. The world they are living in is different in many ways as, under the Macedonian kings, the Eastern Mediterranean has experienced a boost in urban life and an unprecedented sharing and cross-fertilization of culture, but the dominant them remains major powers’ rivalries and endemic warfare.

In those years, even though the great kingdoms of the Lagids (Ptolemies), Seleucids and Antigonid Macedon have been established for 80 years or more, power remains a very personal endeavor, with everything revolving around the king, and he himself having to rely on his entourage of family members, childhood friends, and veteran advisers to conduct state affairs, whether leading armies, undertaking diplomatic missions, or governing provinces.

Hubris Playtest Map
The playtest map (looks pretty darned good to me).

Even though the great kings are fixated on their rivals, the world around them has been changing, both from within, where minor kingdoms such as Pergamon have been pushing for a space at the table, and leagues of Greek cities are offering a new challenge to century-old Macedonian hegemony, and from without where, beyond the ever present Barbarian incursions from the savage North, new powers have been flexing their muscles both in the Western Mediterranean and Central Asia…

The times for a final push for final triumph, or descent into irrelevancy, are near…

Anyone who is interested in reviewing game content and playing the game, and who would be willing to share their feedback with the game Developer Kevin Bernatz and designer Morgane Gouyon-Rety, would be welcome. They are currently working on building a Vassal module but it may not be ready for another couple of weeks, so at this point in order to playtest, you would have to be build a physical kit from the files they will provide.

Anyone interested should write to Kevin Bernatz at

Hubris Leader Cards

We will be doing an interview with Morgane soonish (once the game is announced on P500) so look for more information there.