Voting is now open for the 2019 Charles S. Roberts Awards for Excellence in the Conflict Simulation Game Industry. These awards have been annually given to board, computer games and individuals for excellence in the design, development, and production of war or conflict simulations of historical, hypothetical, science fiction, or fantasy conflicts.

Eligible games and publications are those released in the calendar year 2019 and for the Clausewitz Hall of Fame award, any individual who has made significant contributions to the wargame industry who has not been previously awarded.

This year’s categories are:

Milieu Awards

Best Ancients to Pre-Napoleonic Era Board Wargame

Best Napoleonic Era Board Wargame

Best Post-Napoleonic to Pre-World War 2 Era Board Wargame

Best World War 2 Era Board Wargame

Best Post-WW2, Cold War, & Hypothetical Era Board Wargame

Best Science-Fiction or Fantasy Board Wargame

Format Awards

Best Solitaire/Cooperative Board Wargame

Best Magazine Board Wargame

Best Amateur / Print-and-Play Board Wargame

Best Postcard/Small format Board Wargame

Best Expansion or Supplement for an Existing Board Wargame

Best Board Wargame Playing Components

Best Board Wargame Map Graphics

Best Board Wargame Rules

Best Original Box Cover Art

Computer Gaming Awards

Best Pre-20th Century Era Computer Wargame

Best Modern Era Computer Wargame

Best Science-Fiction or Fantasy Computer Wargame

Best Computer Wargame Expansion or Update

Best Computer Wargame Graphics

Best Board Wargame Computer Assist Module    

Publication Awards

Best Professional Wargame Magazine

Best Amateur Game Magazine

Best Historical or Scenario Article

Best Game Review or Analysis

Overall Awards

Best Board Wargame of the Year

James F Dunnigan Award for Playability and Design 

Clausewitz Award HALL OF FAME

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