I have had the pleasure of working with Matt White on a few interviews over the past 18 months and he is a really talented artist and now is designing very interesting looking games. Here are links to our interviews with Matt:

Interview with Wargame Graphic Design Artist Matt White: https://theplayersaid.com/2018/05/07/interview-with-wargame-graphic-design-artist-matt-white/

Interview with Matt White Designer of Until the Bitter End: https://theplayersaid.com/2018/06/05/interview-with-matt-white-designer-of-until-the-bitter-end-coming-to-kickstarter-today/

Interview with Matt White Designer of Panzer Orders Tank Battles: https://theplayersaid.com/2018/10/05/interview-with-matt-white-designer-of-panzer-orders-tank-battles-currently-on-kickstarter/

Interview with Matt White Designer of Until the Bitter End US Airborne: https://theplayersaid.com/2019/07/16/interview-with-matt-white-designer-of-until-the-bitter-end-us-airborne-coming-to-kickstarter-july-18th/

The other day, Matt announced that he would be providing his new scenario for Until the Bitter End as a free downloadable Print ‘n Play. Here is what he has provided for you including information on how to obtain the game:

My FREE WW2 wargame Print ‘n Play game for solitaire and two players, ready now for play testing. I have created this for EVERYONE who would like a copy.

I have finished up my work for a special scenario entitled “The Final Roar” which utilises my Until the Bitter End ruleset. This is a complete game with the rules, map, counters and scenario – everything you need. You will need to print out the map and counters and mount them to some card, and you will need a couple of six sided dice.

To get the game simply go to the BGG page for my Until The Bitter End game at:


and go to the Files section. There you will need to download:

Infantry Squad Sheet

The Final Roar Scenario Counter Sheets

Latest Ruleset

Until the Bitter End - Counters

Then go to my Google drive:


and download the map and Scenario PDF. I will, over the next days, migrate all the files from my Google drive to the BGG page.

Until the Bitter End - The Final Roar Map

I recommend reading the Scenario PDF first, then having a read of the rules. The latest ruleset PDF is the complete rules of the parent Until the Bitter End game and so does contain sections that you do not need for this scenario.

On the BGG page there is a section on the Forum to ask any rules questions/clarifications etc at:


Please remember that this is the play test version and I will be updating the documents/counters/map etc as I get feedback from you all!

I have developed this scenario and completed all the artwork over the past weekends and evening to help me stay out of mischief at home and to hopefully give people a fun game that doesn’t take many sheets to print out that they can get to the gaming table during this time!