In Castle Itter, players will take on the role of a makeshift force that is defending a medieval castle nestled in the Austrian countryside from a Waffen-SS assault. The force consists of an American tank crew and infantrymen, Wehrmacht infantrymen, a former SS officer, French prisoners, and an Austrian resistance fighter. There is a reason this game has the subtitle The Strangest Battle of WWII.

The game is played as the defender has five actions each round and must move his units in the form of counters around the board to take actions to attack advancing German Waffen-SS counters as they progress up various colored assault tracks. If the enemy breaches the walls of the castle and enter the grounds you lose; simple as that.

I recorded a two part playthrough video to give you an idea how the mechanics work. You can watch Part 1 below.

Part 1:

Part 2: will be uploaded to our YouTube Channel soon.

We also did an interview with designer David Thompson that you can read on our written blog at the following link:

The Kickstarter campaign starts today (November 29th) and you can access the page at the following link: