Kekionga!: A Dark and Bloody Battleground is the first game in a new Battles of the Northwest Territory series from High Flying Dice Games, designed by Paul Rohrbaugh and beautifully illustrated by Nils Johansson.

Here is an excerpt from my written review on this great little game:

“…we really enjoyed Kekionga!: A Dark and Bloody Battleground, 1790 from High Flying Dice Games. Really easy rules, good combat system that evokes the bloody hand to hand combat that would have characterized these vicious battles, and the cornfields. I love the cornfields! Have you ever been in a cornfield? With 6′ tall stalks of corn, that would have been dry and brown by the time of this battle. They would have disguised movement, caused great fear and panic among the US Militia when the war whoops would have come screaming through the rows from all directions. There would have been suffocating smoke from the musket volleys. It would have been chaotic, and in battle, chaos leads to death! I can actually feel the fear that they would have felt and any game that can make me feel that way, is a good one!”

I hope you like our video and give the game a try as it really is a great, fast playing, small format game with great theme and mechanics that teaches at the same time.

Kekionga Cover