Rifles in the Ardennes recreates the action that characterized fighting in the Ardennes during World War II in a very unique solitaire format. Designer and Artist Gottardo Zancani has replaced the map typical of World War II games with a stylized track, allowing for endless customization of the battlefield.

A simple solitaire system allows the recreation of small combat engagements (consisting of five to ten units per side) over various scenarios. Blind chit draws and die rolls, combined with artfully crafted charts, create an impressive “artificial intelligence,” embuing the game with a true fog of war as you never know what will happen next.

The rules as written are generic enough that they will allow coverage for many periods and genres (the World Wars, Classical Battles, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and more), but the units (American, German, and Russian) and scenarios are specific to the European Theatre of World War II, focusing on the years 1942-1944. I have yet to get this one to the table but plan to play soon.