What in tarnation is Dexterity?  It has to do with coordination and physical reflexes…..like Yoga!  Is there a yoga board game out there?  Most of the dexterity games that I have played feel more like an activity than an actual game, but dexterity brings a certain entertainment value to a game that is quite different than usual.  It usually has you flicking something, hitting something or balancing something.  Most of the time, the game has to do with points.  There are some that are just head to head, who ever gets to a specific goal first wins.  I tend to like the ones that have a little more to them than just being an activity.  Let’s flick the non-contenders out of the way for this weeks Best 3 Games with…Dexterity!

3.  Disc Duelers by Level 99 Games

Courtesy of Andy Parsons of BGG

I am a big fan of Level 99 Games.  They are very unique, most of the time focusing on 2 player only games.  Devastation of Indines is sooooo good!  Disc Duelers takes those same characters and puts them into a flicking duel.  The great part about this dexterity game, designed by D. Brad Talton Jr., is that you get to build the setting.  You can use any surface and any obstacles.  Out to eat with the family?….use the cups, salt shaker and silverware as obstacles.  Each disc has their own special powers, so each will be very unique.  The other great part about Disc Duelers is that it is pretty much open to your imagination.  It comes with directions on how to play soccer, but you could make up any game you want and just play seeing that the game is really just a bunch of discs with ability cards.  Just a really cool idea that is fun to play.

2.  Flick’em Up by Z-Man Games

Courtesy of DarthMitchious of BGG

There is a game here!  You’re not just flicking bullets around trying to kill the other gang members….well, yeah, I guess you are…..BUT it’s fun.  First you can move your guys and then shoot.  The bullets are smaller than the movement discs so it makes it a bit harder.  It is so fun, watching your opponent completely screw up a move just to make the shot more difficult. There is some good strategy in where you go, how you stage your people and where to shoot from, making sure you have a good shot while making it harder for your opponent to get a shot off back at you.  Designed by Gaetan Beaujannot and Jean Yves Monpertuis, Flick’em Up is a blast from the old west to your table.

1.  Dungeon Fighter by IELLO

Courtesy of Kghetto of BGG

SOOOO FUN!  Not only is this a dexterity game but it’s an actual game…and kinda difficult too.  It is a co-op game where you are a group of hunters making your way through a dungeon.  There are lots of choices to be made….which way to go in the dungeon, what cards each hero is going to have, when to use what powers, etc.  The dexterity part comes in the form of rolling the dice.  As you roll the dice you want to have it land on a specific target area on the board.  That will determine how much damage you will do on your turn.  The items that you buy give you stronger attacks, but at a cost…..they force you to make fun throws, like behind your back, or off your head, or bounce twice before it hits the target.  It is much more difficult than I thought it would be, and much more fun!  There are plenty of items and heroes to make it different each time you play. I really enjoy this design by Aureliano Buonfino, Lorenzo Silva and Lorenzo Tucci Sorrentino.