In our first play of War in the South, a scenario of Liberty or Death: The American Insurrection, found in C3i Magazine Nr 30 from RBM Studio, I was the Patriots while Alexander was the British. Early in the game , the British forces marched from Savannah to invade Patriot controlled South Carolina.

The British outnumbered the Continentals nearly 2 to 1 and the battle did not go well as the British were rolling 3 dice while the Patriots were only rolling 2 dice. After losing 6 units, the Patriots were defeated and the British got to take advantage of the “Win the Day” rule where if the losing side loses at least 2 pieces (either Continentals or a fort), the victor can adjust Support/Opposition in their favor by the number of pieces the enemy lost halved and rounded down. This meant the British could move 3 total steps from Active Opposition to Passive Support. I love this thematic element as a major victory changes citizens attitudes about the revolution.

This aspect of the game is key to victory as each side either wins or loses based on their level of Opposition (Patriots) or Support (British). While the British won this battle, my Patriots were able to win the war and take victory with a score of 5 Opposition to 4 Support.