Who doesn’t love miniatures?  I mean cardboard is nice and I am happy with wooden pieces but once you add a miniature on a board it all changes.  Miniatures add so much depth to the theme and story of a game that it makes you delve that much deeper into the whole experience.  On the other hand, when ever you see miniatures it usually involves destruction and competition which I am usually not a fan of, but when I have awesome miniatures to look at, it lessens the blow.  There are some games where the miniatures are just an added bonus but others where it is the center of the entire game.  The miniatures that I have chose are those that I feel are the best quality and also add to the theme or story that the game is trying to portray.  Let’s find out which 3 Games have the Best Miniatures.

3.  Anachrony by Mindclash Games

Okay, these miniatures are not necessary, they are not tiny and are completely awesome!  This is one of those games that the miniatures really bring out the story and theme so well and add so much to the story of what is transpiring.  In Anachrony, you are part of a faction that has these Exosuits (Mechs) where workers enter these suits to go out into the destroyed world to collect resources.  The other great part is that they have a slot in the back of them where you place the cardboard worker you are using in that suit.  You can picture these races getting into these mechs to go out and get the job done.  They are so fantastic and add such great theme to the game they are a must.  Sure, you could play the game without the minis by putting the cardboard workers onto a board….but I mean come on….there is a slot in the mech to put the worker!!  These miniatures aren’t cheap or chintzy either….they stand nearly 3 inches tall and are sturdy.  I just can’t get over how good these minis are!  Well done Mindclash Games!

2.  Blood Rage by CMON

We all know that Cool Mini or Not is the king of Miniatures, so it is no surprise that they hold down the top two spots on this list. Next up is Blood Rage!  These miniatures are fantastic.  Not only are they great quality but the details are excellent.  I love the different sizes of the miniatures as it adds to the theme of your clan hiring these mighty beasts to do your bidding!  You also have these regular clansmen that are scrawny and small so they really reinforce the size and power of your hireling monsters.  The different miniatures are also very unique on how to best use them and when to play them. Someone might get the Frost Giant card early in the game but it may not make its appearance until later in the game.  I only wish there were more of them!  The ones that are in the game are fantastic and CMON did not disappoint with these!  And HOLY COW they look great painted!

1.  Arcadia Quest by CMON

I might as well just state that the entire Arcadia world could be included here because all the miniatures, at least the Heroes, can be played in Arcadia Quest.  I chose the original because of the Villains.  I was surprised at how few villain miniatures were in Arcadia Quest Inferno.  The original Arcadia Quest has less Heroes but more Villains. Anyway, the miniatures in Arcadia Quest are top notch.  Call me a sucker for the style but I truly am in love with their chubby look.  I also think their style appeals to a younger audience, hence why my 8 year old loves this game.  They are extremely sturdy miniatures and the details are great.  When you combine all the Arcadia games together, the shear amount of miniatures is staggering.  With Arcadia Quest, Masmorra: Dungeons of Arcadia and Arcadia Quest: Inferno, I easily have over 75 Heroes and 40 Villains….I haven’t even mentioned the Pets yet.  They are so stinking adorable!  The world of Arcadia is becoming a game where I can just get the miniatures out and let my kids play with them as toys.  I hope to someday get around to painting them…..I did ONE already!  The miniatures in the world of Arcadia are going to be extremely difficult to top….in my opinion!