In the race to reach Berlin and to get a leg up on the post WWII world, the Soviets were very active in recruiting disgruntled and idealistic persons sympathetic to communism in the United States and Britain to use as spies. These spies were tasked with finding out secrets about the effort by the US to create the A-Bomb, code named the Manhattan Project. In the game, the Soviets try to focus on developing the A-Bomb as it provides up to 12VP if they reach Trinity and an additional 3VP if they have the bomb and the US does not. 

This has led me to use Premiere Stalin’s ability to advance the A-Bomb issue immediately if it is on the table and I have the initiative. If he advances the A-Bomb issue at the conference table, his ability is that no other leader can debate him and with his 7 influence he can advance the issue into his box where it cannot be touched. During our game today, this picture was my first such success in this area and would continue to be a major focus of my strategy.