Due to shrewd political maneuvering and his overwhelming and commanding presence, Premiere Stalin won the day at a conference with Churchill and Roosevelt in Casablanca. The Soviets were able to secure production from the Murmansk Convoy and the Arctic Fleet to strengthen divisions of the 2nd Army and 157th Mechanized division to push the Germans back at the Don River. The Soviets had a 14 power against the 10 for the Germans due to several key Soviet staff providing access to men and materiel for use in the offensive and had to roll under a 4 on a 10-sided die to be victorious. This victory began to put pressure on the Allies to begin assaults in the Mediterranean and to force them to begin planning for Operation Overlord, the invasion of Normandy. The opening of the Western Front is key for the Soviets to be able to push on toward Berlin and this issue will be hotly debated at the next gathering of The Big 3 in Cairo.