The April 2023 Monthly Debrief Video (which is our longest Monthly Debrief Video to date coming in at 1:46:23 eclipsing March’s run time of 1:39:39 by nearly 7 minutes) saw us discussing Gaming Convention Preparation Hacks including what accessories to take with you. Convention season is upon us and we had just returned from a very successful trip to Buckeye Game Fest and did some things this year that made our trip more enjoyable and wanted to share those with you.

Also as usual, we covered the games we played in April, which was more than usual as we attended BGF but also because we had family in town and played some games with them, and also discussed what we are planning to play and cover during May.

We will remind you here that we are fortunate to be continuing our relationship with Noble Knight Games as the sponsor for our Monthly Debrief Video series. In case you don’t know, they specialize in hard to find games but also carry all the new releases. But what makes them truly unique is that you can find some of the rarest games, out of print games, hand made games, imported games from overseas, etc. Thanks to them for their sponsorship and we hope that you will consider them first when looking for the games we cover.