Malta Besieged is a solitaire game covering the pivotal World War II years of the mid-1940 through 1942 period in the often overlooked Battle for the Mediterranean. You are placed in the role of the Commonwealth Commander in the theatre, and must utilize every resource at your disposal to fend off unrelenting Axis attacks in order to ensure the survival of the island of Malta.

Built upon the same States of Siege Series engine as the designer’s previous 2010 Charles S. Roberts award-winning release We Must Tell the Emperor, Malta Besieged features both familiar and innovative game play. Supply was the key element in the Mediterranean Campaign, and so it is here as well. Players will have to safely shepherd vulnerable convoys – and their valuable cargoes – in order to effectively wage war. With the ability to trade Supply for extra Actions at the most crucial moments, this places an additional emphasis on that precious resource and also creates extremely tense convoy battles which will resolve as the game progresses.

We did an interview with the designer Steve Carey and you can read that at the following link: