Voelkerwanderung! Barbarian Migrations & The Fall of Rome is a strategic level game set in the mid-5th century AD. The map covers the Western Roman Empire from the Rhine and Danube River lines west to Latetia (modern-day Paris) and south to Rome. Each chief attempts to win by being the first to lead one of their tribes into the heart of the empire, the fabulous city of Rome. Along the way, each will find their progress slowed by determined Roman legions, plagues, the chicanery of the gods, and perhaps even the backstabbing diplomacy of comrades. No player is ever eliminated before the end of the game, and even the last-place person can come quickly come from behind to win at the last minute. A game of alliance, betrayal, and maneuver, it’s easily played in under an hour by anyone age 10 or older.

We published an interview with the designer Ty Bomba and you can read that at the following link: https://theplayersaid.com/2021/06/07/interview-with-ty-bomba-designer-of-voelkerwanderung-barbarian-migration-the-fall-of-rome-from-companion-wargames/