Robotech: Reconstruction is a COIN Series inspired game that deals with the events following the Zaentradi invasion of Earth and its aftermath as each faction is attempting to reform the Earth in their vision. The Robotech Defense Force (RDF) seeks to keep the peace between Zentraedi civilians and humans. The Zentraedi Rebellion (ZR) wants to radicalize the Zentraedi civilians to join their rebellion to enslave humanity and the Earth. Tired of RDF military control and martial law, the Anti-Unification League (AUL) strives to rebuild thriving cities independent from the RDF. Fearing an impending alien attack on earth, the Robotech Expeditionary Force (REF) works to unite earth’s population behind the RDF in preparation for earth’s future defense.

This unboxing video is of a prototype copy provided by the publisher. We have played the game a few times and have shot a preview that should be posting on the YouTube Channel soon. The game goes on pre-sale as of June 9th.