Chancellorsville 1863 is a card-driven game on the American Civil War Battle of Chancellorsville held from April 30th through May 6, 1863. The game is the 2nd game in the Battle Formations Game Series and is playable by 1 to 2 players in about 1 hour and the game offers a card-driven solitaire engine. Designed by Maurice Suckling (designer of Freeman’s Farm 1777), the game uses many of the concepts from that game. However, adds in a very interesting aspect of hidden movement, additional opportunities for the maneuver of units and not just a static board which makes for a really unique game.

We posted an interview with designer Maurice Suckling on the blog and you can read that at the following link:

The game also appeared on my Top 10 Wargames of 2020! list checking in at #5. You can read that list at the following link: