One of the best wargame magazines out there is C3i Magazine from RBM Studio. They are just so well done and have so much to offer that it it is hard to imagine not having my own copy to read. Issue Nr. 34 of C3i Magazine is once again jam packed with great content, including various game additions/inserts for games like The HuntersEmpire of the Sun, C3i Nr. 33’s Battle of Issy, For the People, Stalingrad ’42, Imperial Struggle and others, great articles on existing games including Fields of Fire, SPQR, OCS, Undaunted: Normandy, France 1944 and of course 2 playable games, the first installment in the C3i Combined Arms Series Battle for Kursk: The Tigers are Burning 1943 designed by Trevor Bender and Firebase Vietnam designed by Pascal Toupy which is a solitaire design.

If you are interested in C3i Magazine Nr. 34 you can order a copy for $36.00 from the RBM Studio website at the following link:!/C3i-Magazine-Nr-34/p/266463296/category=0

There also are lots of back issue ordering opportunities on their site as well and if you haven’t checked those out you should.