Following the annexation of Texas by the United States in December 1845, war between the United States and Mexico became inevitable. From 1846-1848, the two countries fought a bloody and bruising war culminating in Mexico surrendering significant territory to the United States.

The Halls of Montezuma tasks two players to recreate this pivotal war in American and Mexican history. As the United States, you will be tasked with taking California and invading Mexico while facing mounting political opposition at home. As Mexico, you will be forced to fight a defensive war of attrition against the better trained and led American troops.

The Halls of Montezuma is a low complexity, card driven game for two players (with solitaire rules). Players relive the decisions and dilemmas of this crucial period in history. Fast setup and a playtime of 45-75 minutes.

The designer has put out a call for playtesters on Facebook and you can email him (Kevin Bertram) at if you are interested. He is offering a Print n Play version and has a version on Tabletop Simulator.