Imperial Struggle is a new game from GMT Games that follows in the footsteps of its predecessor Twilight Struggle in pitting two of the greatest world powers ever, Britain and France, against each other to fight out the “Second Hundred Years War” covering the period of 1697-1789.

This game uses a very interesting limited action selection mechanic where the players have the option of taking an Investment Tile for the actions listed on the tile for that round. But, these actions are fairly limited and you have to look for ways to maximize those scarce points through Event Cards, Minister Cards and Advantage Tiles. Such a very interesting and engaging part of the design that we enjoyed immensely.

The game alternates between Peace and War Turns, players must invest in War Tiles to place in the various theaters of the wars of the time which will be scored at the end of the Turn. These wars also provide bonus points and actions that can be used to change control of the world at the time and can also provide victory points.

This video is only our rambling discussion about our thoughts about the different mechanics and cards and not necessarily a traditional review. This game needs to be played 3 or 4 times to really get and appreciate and we plan to play this one again soon.