Bleeding Kansas is a 2-player game that deals with the violence and politics of pre-statehood Kansas from 1854-1861. The game focuses on the tensions between pro-slave and abolitionist parties and their attempts to win over emigrants to Kansas to their cause and thereby influence the outcome of elections to move the state toward their leaning on the issue. The game has four elections that players will fight over trying to have the most influence in Kansas counties to score victory points.

We really liked this one and had a good time trying to out duel each other over control of the counties prior to elections.

I have also been writing a series of Action Points covering the various available actions and how they work and here are those links for your convenience:

Action Point 1 – Burn and Skirmish Actions

Action Point 2 – Movement and Influence Actions

Action Point 3 – Politics, Migration and Cooperation

Action Point 4 – Elections

You can also read our interview with designer John Poniske posted in July 2019 at the following link: