If you like easy to learn but with cool elements and chrome added solitaire wargames, I point you to Stalingrad: Inferno on the Volga from VentoNuovo Games. In this video, I discuss my thoughts on the game and then show you how movement, combat, rubble rolls and call for reinforcements work. There are a lot of interesting elements to this one and I had a good time playing it. The production is amazing with a beautiful map of the City of Stalingrad and the surrounding area as well as great looking cards, blocks and player aid cards.

If you want more information, we posted an interview with the designer Emanuele Santandrea at the end of 2017: https://theplayersaid.com/2017/12/14/interview-with-emanuele-santandrea-designer-of-stalingrad-inferno-on-the-volga-from-ventonuovo-games/