Saigon 75 is an introductory wargame with simple rules and a fast play time, which simulates the strategic struggle between North and South Vietnam from summer 1973 to spring 1975. The game is designed to highlight the differences between the numerous and mighty North Vietnamese divisions and the Rangers/Marines/Parachutists and other units of the South Vietnamese. US air power, air lifts and desertion are also featured, with the use of event cards that give key abilities when they are most needed or that punish one side or the other at the wrong time. There is a solo mode but I have not been able to find details on it as of yet.

The Kickstarter starts on Tuesday, August 27th at 12:00 Noon EDT. If you are interested, here is a link to the Kickstarter preview page that gives details on the game:

Here is our Preview video on the game. We had a good time playing it and enjoyed lots of the elements including the desertion table, combat system and cards. Lots of interesting mechanics that have to be managed to play the game well. The game is a bit one sided, favoring the NVA with their many forces and superior dice, but the ARVN can win the game through shrewd choices, key offensives and some luck. If you lose as the ARVN, you can simply turn around and play as the NVA and after two hours can have enjoyed two plays of a solid wargame.