I love games that teach me something. Price of Honor: The Battle of Callao, May 2, 1866 from High Flying Dice Games details the naval engagement near Callao, Peru. The South American countries of Peru, Bolivia and Chile united in defying the Spanish government access to the nitrate rich Chincha Islands, and over other trade issues. Anti-Spanish riots and atrocities against Spanish citizens in these nations led to Spain ordering a powerful squadron of warships, led by the ironclad battleship Numancia, to seize the Chincha Islands and blockade their coasts. This was a flagrant violation of the Monroe Doctrine, and the US and British governments also sent squadrons of warships to the area to monitor the situation, and possibly intervene against the Spanish fleet.

The game is played with counters of various warships and is a naval engagement that forces players to worry about various issues, such as wind, weather and beaching their mighty warships in the shallow water, as well as torpedoes, as they maneuver to destroy the fortifications on land that are firing cannons at them.