As we progressed through our first play together of Holland ’44: Operation Market-Garden, September 1944 from GMT Games, we would pause and take video to describe the situation as it unfolded. We were playing the short scenario, which only consists of 11 Turns, and only made it through the end of Turn 6 when I conceded to Alexander and his Germans. As it was our first game together (I had played a couple of solo plays after getting the game in October), we made some critical errors at the outset that made it difficult for the Allies. One such mistake, that you will undoubtedly notice right off the bat, was that we missed the special Turn 1 rule that limits the Germans to only using Tactical Movement during Turn 1. This caused me to be unable to secure Arnhem Bridge, which made it really rough going for the 1st Airborne.

Aside from this mistake, and a few other less rules related but strategy related errors (such as allowing the Germans to take the Son Bridge over the Wilhemina Canal), at the end of Turn 6, I saw no way to accomplish my objectives and conceded. Suffice it to say though, that we found this game to be amazing and are chomping at the bit to play it again soon.