Sakura from Osprey Games is a light tactical game of pushing your luck, and pushing your friends. Each player is represented on the game board, which is a path that moves through a beautiful garden, by a painter who is working as hard as they can to get the best vantage of the Emperor so they can paint the perfect portrait as he stops at one of the three scoring areas to admire the cherry blossoms. The players have cards in their hand and will have to choose which to play. These cards both simultaneously decide how far and in what direction the Emperor will move as well as how far their own painter will move. The players will have to be careful about their card plays though as the player closest to the Emperor when the cherry blossoms are reached will gain a huge amount of prestige, but if you push too far, you will risk bumping into the Emperor and walking away in disgrace as you lose that hard earned prestige.

A great little fast playing family card game, with very well done art and production, that our family really enjoyed.