Attack of the 50 Foot Colossi! from Tiny Battle Publishing is a solitaire hex and counter game with a cool Sci-Fi theme. Game #3 in the “Invaders from Dimension X” series, this game takes the player to the rocky mining planet of Graviton Prime where miners have been attacked by 50 Foot rock creatures known as Colossi and you, as the 124th Galactic Marine Raider Battalion with your laser rifles with unlimited range, fancy jump packs and access to powerful Orbital Strikes, are their only hope. These Colossi are slow and lumbering but their attacks are deadly and can definitely make for a very bad day for someone. The game has a small footprint, containing 88 double sided counters, 16 Colossi Order of Actions cards, one double sided 11″x17″ map, and a fantastically laid out player aid card, along with a rules set that is easy to understand and generally well organized. This game is fun and I really enjoyed my first few plays as I struggled to whittle down these behemoths and save the miners! Look for a future video review as well as some written content on the rules and various situations that you will find yourself in. Let me say only this at this point, after having played Game #3 in the series, I now want to own the other two and give them a whirl.