So, Colonial Twilight has been out for a few months now, some reviews have appeared (Armchair General , Space-Biff! , No Fun Allowed , The Players Aid , Katie’s Game Corner) and the comments on have been piling up , for whatever they might be worth. They have been mostly very positive, but once in a while someone has said that […]

via Spielenexperiment II: turning 2 into 4 — brtrain

A new 4-player variant put forth by Brian Train for his 2-player only game Colonial Twilight. I understand why some think that the game will be better with 4-players as COIN Series games are always better with 4-players since you add player interaction in the areas of negotiation, dealing, alliance making and back stabbing, but to me, the beauty of the design was the 2-player only format with the updated and new Sequence of Play. It was different than the rest of the COIN and that is a good thing in my book. Innovation, change, different. These are things that we have a difficult time with. But, after all of that being said, I am intrigued and wanted to share this variant with our readers in case you are also.

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