Shapeways LogoPrior to Gen Con this year, I was contacted by Lisa Keeney with Shapeways to see if we were interested in giving a few of their products a look and a review. They sent to us a 6 sided Steampunk dice along with a smallish Toad Warrior or Frogman miniature that had been designed by Andrew Simon Thomas and 3D printed. Check out this video look at both of those pieces, with a special add on video from Alexander near the end showing the painted up Toad Warrior mini that we plan to use in our ongoing Pathfinder campaign as an NPC.

Toad Warrior
Here is a good close-up look at the Toad Warrior mini painted by Alexander. You can see the great little warts on the skin and the nice detail on the club.

If you are interested in the different products offered by Shapeways, please visit their website at the following link: